Things are getting back to “normal” here at Tech2 after a whirlwind week in San Francisco for Dreamforce ‘16. Our entire team was able to attend the event, meeting with talented Salesforce professionals and exciting, cutting-edge companies alike. Although we have attended four Dreamforce events in the past, this was our first year as an exhibitor – the experience was most definitely second to none!

DreamforceFrom the keynotes to U2 to everything in between, Dreamforce was packed with informative, inspiring sessions and truly exceptional experiences. Rather than try to dissect them all, I thought I’d ask our team to share their favorite elements from a week at Dreamforce. Probably unsurprisingly, there was a recurring theme among our team:
I enjoyed having face to face conversations with real people! I’m used to messaging clients online or having conversations over the phone so it was great to finally feel the electric atmosphere of Salesforce in person.
– Ashely Resta, Salesforce Recruitment Specialist
Dreamforce was truly a dream for me. I really enjoyed meeting a diverse range of attendees — from admins and developers to companies that invested a lot of time and effort into their Cloud Expo areas — and seeing how passionate they were about Salesforce. There are few opportunities to really immerse yourself in your career, and Dreamforce did a wonderful job of this! The only thing I can compare it to is Disney World; a complete ecosystem with something for everyone to enjoy.
– Cody Margaretten, Senior Recruiter


My favorite thing about Dreamforce was probably running into people who I’d “met” on LinkedIn at the booth! We virtually connect with people all the time so, overall, putting real people to the faces and names (meeting in person) was really exciting and made me feel like a bigger part of the Salesforce community/world.
– Lauren Gugliotta, Salesforce Recruitment Specialist


For those of us in the very specific field of Salesforce Staffing and Recruiting, Dreamforce could not be a more perfect venue to get hands on with both candidates and clients to understand their goals and challenges. Since it’s a learning experience, as well as an expo, we get to attend many different sessions that help us keep current on the technology and how our candidates and clients are using it.
– Nancy Gugliotta, VP of Operations


For me personally, I have to agree with the team that meeting with so many talented Salesforce professionals and dynamic companies was especially rewarding. To that point, I really enjoyed being a sponsor and having a booth at DF. It really gave us an opportunity to meet and speak with more people than ever before, and to get to the heart of what makes a real impact on our candidates and clients.

It’s great being a Salesforce partner and getting the Tech2 name out in front of so many people at once was very satisfying! I had some great conversations with Salesforce clients who need our services and they were excited to hear some of the differences in the way we work compared to our competitors.

Overall our first year as a Dreamforce exhibitor was a huge success and we got to shake over 850 hands! We will definitely be sponsoring again in 2017.

What was your favorite part of Dreamforce ‘16?

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