Salesforce is the fastest growing top 10 software company in the world. As more organizations look for ways to integrate Salesforce to grow their business, the need for talented Salesforce developers will only continue to increase. Here at Tech2, we work with organizations across the nation and are frequently posting Salesforce developer jobs.

But employers are looking for more than programming skills to fill their Salesforce developer jobs

Salesforce Developer JobsWithout a doubt, strong programming skills are essential to landing top Salesforce jobs. Salesforce MVPs are particularly in demand. But employers today are looking beyond coding and are seeking developers who possess some “surprising” skills.

Want to stand out and land top Salesforce jobs? Here are 3 surprising skills shared by the most successful Salesforce developers:


  • They ask lots of questions. While talent today expects more from their employers (things like flexible work arrangements, competitive compensation, education and more), employers are expecting talent to be actively engaged and invested in company growth. With Salesforce Developers in particular, asking questions about the direction of your employer and opportunities for growth can help you demonstrate YOU’RE just as invested in them as they are in you. Employers are willing to pay top dollar for top talent. The most successful Salesforce Developers ask questions when they don’t know the answers. They look for opportunities to expand the depth of their knowledge, increase their skills and grow in their roles. CIOs, IT directors, senior Salesforce developers – don’t be afraid to ask thoughtful questions or look for opportunities to learn more. It’s a great way to set yourself apart from the pack and lay a foundation for future success.
  • They write a lot (and not just code). Also among those “intangibles” employers are seeking today is the ability to communicate effectively. There are a few places where top Salesforce Developers really excel when it comes to communication. One is in presentation skills. It’s one thing to have top notch coding skills. Salesforce developers who can not only code but talk to others (even present in a meeting) about what they’re doing, why it’s important and what impact their code can have are seen as leaders. They are more likely to earn raises, promotions and more. Another area where stellar communication is a huge asset for top Salesforce Developers is in written communication. We all receive emails every day (probably too many). When an email is rushed, unprofessional or confusing, it makes more work for the recipient or worse, a lack of information (or misinformation) could compromise their business. Well-written emails that properly convey their intended message in a friendly but professional way are better received and are more likely to position you alongside the highest rated Salesforce Developers within your organization.
  • They mentor others. ‘Leadership’ isn’t just a trait for management. Today’s top Salesforce Developers look for opportunities to mentor others within their organization. One way is through the communication examples noted above – maybe that means leading a “lunch and learn” or another mini training session. Or it could mean a more formal mentoring of a junior colleague. Mentoring has many shapes and forms, and it not only helps boost your leadership skills while demonstrating to management that you’re team player, it is a great way to pay it forward.


These three skills can make a profound difference when you’re applying for Salesforce jobs, but the good news is that they aren’t hard to develop. Put in a little extra effort and you’ll be well armed to rise through the ranks and establish yourself among top Salesforce Developers.

Looking for Salesforce developer jobs? We work with some of the most dynamic and innovative companies across the country, and we’d love to help you find the right job to help you reach your goals. Search our available Salesforce developer jobs now or contact a member of our recruiting team to learn more.


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