App Developer Magazine said it well: There has never been a better time to be a Salesforce Developer. Estimates project growth of nearly 2 million Salesforce developer jobs over the next five years.

Expect competition to ramp up in the next few months (and years) as more organizations ramp up on hiring Salesforce developers for their staff.hiring Salesforce developers

Expect top Salesforce developers to be especially discerning in their choices of employer. With demand at an all-time high (and about to go higher), employers will need to bring their ‘A’ game. Here at Tech2, we speak with Salesforce developers across the US every day. They share with us what they’re looking for in a job and we find them the best opportunities to meet those needs.

The following recommendations come from the many conversations we’ve had with Salesforce developers — both recently and over time. Keep these tips and insights in mind when crafting your own strategy for hiring Salesforce developers:


  • Build a strong team (and demonstrate their strength). If your team isn’t comprised of mostly ‘A’ and ‘B’ players across the board, it’s unlikely that top Salesforce talent will want to join. Today’s top talent wants to be among its peers – it wants to be challenged, while also knowing that the person in the next office or cubicle is doing his or her job to the highest level of quality as well. Not only do you need to put together a strong team to attract top talent, though, you have to communicate this effectively during the interview and throughout the hiring process. Set the expectation that candidates will be among the best.
  • Don’t drag out the hiring process. I touched upon this recently, but it bears repeating – a long, drawn-out hiring process is a MAJOR turn off to Salesforce developers (and all talent, really). Ensure you have the right people involved in the process from the beginning so that you can become crystal clear on what you need and how you will proceed during the hiring process. Streamline potential multiple visits and eliminate unnecessary steps. It can sometimes be hard to do this from an internal perspective. Your staffing partner can present an outside perspective (while also knowing keenly what candidates are looking for) to help you hone a lean, strong hiring process that attracts, not repels, candidates.
  • Demonstrate value and appreciation. Everyone likes to be “wooed.” Going the extra mile to attract top Salesforce developers can help your company stand out from the pack. Could you conduct the interview at a restaurant instead of your office? When you’re making an offer, consider having a senior member of the staff present the offer. Make the hiring process and ultimate hiring of your top Salesforce developers an “event.”
  • Be prepared to offer strong compensation. There’s no way around it, to land top Salesforce developers you will need a VERY strong compensation package (including a very strong salary). This is very true today, and with continued, expected increases in demand, I expect this to become even more critical. Depending on your experience and history hiring and working with Salesforce developers, your expectations for competitive salary may be somewhat skewed or outdated. Here at Tech2, we have strong foundational knowledge about salary and total compensation for Salesforce developers of all backgrounds in major markets across the US. Call me to talk about your specific need, and I can help ensure your offer is on track to help you land top talent.


Here at Tech2, we have seen the impact on organizations that choose to work with a specialized firm in Salesforce recruiting. The benefits of partnering with a specialized Salesforce recruiting firm will likely become more apparent and urgent as demand increases.

Start building your strategy for hiring Salesforce developers now – we can help you anticipate and work through the increasing demand for top Salesforce developers. Call me directly at 919-569-5529 or contact us through our website to learn more.

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