Do a Google Search for “Salesforce Developer mentors” and you’ll get about 549,000 results. In the demanding and ever-changing world of tech — and particularly Salesforce — the power of mentorship is especially apparent.  Salesforce developer jobs

Take a peek at some of the top results and you’ll see a number of threads in Salesforce discussion forums where developers and admins are asking about or looking for mentors. You’ll also find some sites that offer to connect you with a senior Salesforce mentor to help you work through any challenges you might be facing.

Put simply, there is incredible value in mentorship for Salesforce developers. 

While many Salesforce developers focus (understandably) on the digital world, fostering and nurturing real-world relationships remains essential for all professionals, particularly in tech, and especially Salesforce developers. When your mentor (or mentors) focus their efforts specifically around your Salesforce skills, career and personal development, the impact can be much more profound.

How mentors help you become a better Salesforce developer

Mentors have helped everyone from billionaire entrepreneurs to celebrities, athletes and everyone in between. But how and why does mentoring have such a big impact on success? And how can they help your career as a Salesforce Developer?

  1. Mentors can help you avoid mistakes. Mistakes happen to just about everyone at some stage in their careers. Maybe it was a coding mistake, or a mistake encountered when dealing with a co-worker. For Salesforce Developers (or any professional) mistakes can happen in many different areas. But the most successful developers accept their mistakes, dust off and learn from them to avoid more mistakes in the future. Mentees can accelerate that process and possibly avoid unnecessary mistakes altogether by learning from the mistakes of their mentors.
  2. The insights and value goes way beyond what you can find in a book. You’ll find no shortage of books, blogs and other resources out there (including this blog!) to help you become a happier, more successful Salesforce developer. But while you will find plenty of value by taking advantage of these resources, strong mentors can help you fill in the gaps to determine how the advice or tips you’re reading fit into YOUR career and goals.
  3. Mentors can help you actually get stuff done. Maybe it’s fear of the unknown, maybe it’s an inability to prioritize or a penchant for falling into your comfort zone or bad habits. But many people are held back from actually realizing their goals. Many people need an extra kick to actually take action on their goals and plans. Your mentor can be the accountability partner needed to keep you on track and working toward your goals (rather than just talking about them).

Tech2 can help you reach your goals.

We’re proud to work with Salesforce developers across the country to connect them with great jobs and help them determine the best steps for their career. Search our available jobs or talk to a member of our team to learn more about how we can help!

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