The fact is, most professionals are looking for other jobs. In fact, research shows that 3 out of 4 employees are actively searching right now. How about you – are you searching for Salesforce jobs?

Whether you’re actively pursuing new Salesforce jobs or not, conducting a job search while you’re still employed can be difficult. But most importantly, it’s not impossible!Salesforce jobs

Here at Tech2, we know a lot about conducting job searches – we help very talented professionals across the country find Salesforce jobs with a range of great companies. And we’ve shared some important advice with our Salesforce network along the way. Here are some of our favorite tips for conducting a quiet search for Salesforce jobs >>

  1. Be careful on social media. When you’re getting ready for a new job, there are a few places you’re going to be “beefing up” or at the very least, editing: Your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Before you get to work on your LinkedIn profile, it’s a good idea to change your privacy settings so that your connections (likely including your current colleagues) can’t see that you’re prepping your profile for change. Updating your settings is easy: visit the Privacy & Settings page by moving your mouse to the top right of LinkedIn (where your photo is located). On the expanded menu that appears, scroll down to “Privacy & Settings” and click “manage”. Click on the “privacy” tab and select “change” next to “Sharing profile edits” if your setting currently says “yes.” You want it to say “no!”
  2. Use networking, but cautiously. While networking can offer powerful opportunities to expand your network and spread the word about your impending job search, some caution is advisable. Once you’ve let new members of your network in on your job search, there’s no going back. Not only do you have no choice but to commit to your search (no more “dipping your toes!”), there is the possibility of mutual connections with your employer (however unlikely – many networkers understand the sensitivity of a job search and will remain professional, but you never know). Rather than going into too much detail about why you’re looking, present yourself in a more balanced fashion. Stressing that you’re happy with your current company but are always open to new opportunities can help educate people on your intentions without sounding unprofessional. Be aware of your dress and professionalism during networking as well – first impressions count!
  3. Prepare your references. This might seem like putting the cart before the horse, but choosing the right references can play an integral part in your ability to land a new job. For many people, your professional references are individuals from a current role, which could be difficult. Take some time to think about which professional references can best help you present your strengths to potential employers, and compile their information now. That way once you start getting interviews, you’ll have them ready to go. If you’re certain that you can trust them, you can consider using people from your current job. Otherwise, past supervisors and colleagues can help you flesh out your list.
  4. Put someone else to work for you.  There’s a reason many people say that “looking for a full-time job IS a full-time job” — finding a job can take a lot of work! Salesforce developers and administrators are in demand right now – employers are looking for people with your exact skill set and experience. Rather than spend your free time scouring job boards and responding to ads, consider partnering with a recruiting firm like Tech2. We specialize in Salesforce recruiting – we love being a part of the Salesforce community! But that also means we understand you, your career, and what employers are looking for, so we can maximize your time and find the best opportunities for you. Searching for a job becomes MUCH easier!

Are you quietly looking for Salesforce jobs? We’re hiring! Search our current openings or call us at 919-569-5529 or contact us through our website to learn more. We are happy to help!


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