New year, new Salesforce career.

Was that your motto as you rang in 2017? If so, you’ll enjoy excellent prospects because the market for Salesforce professionals remains hot, hot, HOT: just type in “Salesforce Developer” in the job search bar at and up pops more than 1,000 open opportunities.Salesforce Careers

What’s more, you don’t need to be a developer to cash in on the high demand: Salesforce admins enjoyed more than 3,200 job openings in the U.S. in the last 12 months.

So whether you’re a Salesforce admin or dev, you’re a much-wanted man or woman. After all, if you just wave hello to a Salesforce-using employer, recruiters from the company instantly hound you.

So why work with a Salesforce staffing agency such as Tech2Resources?

Here is how we truly can help your career:

  1. We WANT You to Find the PERFECT Job

Our clients want to find great Salesforce pros. And while they certainly don’t want you to be  miserable in your work, they’re not as interested in making sure the person they hire for an opening has found his or her absolutely right opportunity.

We, however, understand your need to find the job that’s the right fit for where you are in your career, allowing us to better match your skills and professional goals in order to find the best position for you.

What’s more, we recruit only Salesforce professionals. We live and breathe Salesforce (we’re ourselves), so we understand exactly where you’re coming from.

We also have terrific relationships with our client companies. We know their company culture inside out and sideways. Which means we can match your personality and career goals to the right position for you.

  1. Find leads to top employers.

Let’s say you’re currently working but want to know what other opportunities are out there. So you jump on your favorite job board, start applying and immediately receive a lot of interest (and you will get a lot of interest!) from potential employers.

But why waste time? Here at Tech2, we know people! We have direct connections with hiring managers desperate for skilled Salesforce pros. They trust us and when we call, they pick up the phone! We’re certified in Salesforce just like you, so we know the specific roles hiring managers need to fill. We have our pulse on what’s available right now.

Contact a Salesforce recruiter and we will actively market you to some of the top companies in your region, perhaps the nation. And all of them will be companies your recruiter has already vetted and trusts.

We’re hiring. If you haven’t already, take a look at our current opportunities. Even if nothing appeals to you now, contact one of our recruiters; we’ll be happy to tout your Salesforce skills to our network of clients.

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  1. Mahesh

    Hi Team,

    I am certified sales force administrator, need your guidance to kickstart my career in Salesforce platform.



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