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If you’re connected with Tech2 on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, you may notice that we share a range of content and resources to help Salesforce developers and admins like you.

Oftentimes, that means sharing original content we’ve created here on our blog. But we also like to throw in the best of the best content from Salesforce bloggers and other exceptional sites. As long as it’s great content that you find helpful, we are always happy to share!


Top Salesforce bloggers you should be following


We know your schedules are packed and you already consume a lot of content (we all do!), but if you’re looking to step up your game in 2019, we heartily recommend subscribing to the following Salesforce bloggers:

  1. Salesforce Ben

Based in the UK, Salesforce Ben — aka Ben McCarthy, Founder of, ISV Co-Founder of Stealth Mode and Chief Revenue Officer at Nymble — launched the Salesforce Ben blog and quickly expanded. Now, he has a team of over 120 guest posters writing blog posts to help Salesforce developers and admins stay on top of Salesforce updates, tackle common challenges and more.

New blog posts are added almost daily, and Ben also has a range of Salesforce Certification guides for Salesforce pros looking for some assistance. Aside from the official Salesforce blogs for admins and developers, Salesforce Ben is one of the best resources on the web.

  1. Admin Hero

Brent Downey launched his Admin Hero blog in 2012 to share lessons learned and best practices honed during his career as a Salesforce admin. His goal is simple: Help Salesforce admins become the heroes of their workplaces.

Although posts have become a bit infrequent over the past year or so, Brent has picked back up with new content in January and February, and his past blogs are a treasure trove of information and resources for admins at every stage of their careers.

  1. Bob Buzzard Blog

Curiously named, but with unforgettable content, the Bob Buzzard Blog is written and maintained by Keir Bowden. With regular posts about once or twice a month, Keir digs into technical elements in the latest Salesforce releases and offers tips and advice for other Salesforce developers.

Keir’s content is super detailed, with screenshots to help clarify the content. The Bob Buzzard Blog is one of our favorite resources for Salesforce developers.

  1. Automation Champion

Developers and admins alike can find tremendous value in Rakesh Gupta’s Automation Champion blog. Rakesh is a Salesforce MVP and trainer who digs into tutorials and resources in great detail in his posts.

His “Quick Summaries” of the latest Salesforce releases are an excellent way to bypass reading upwards of 500 pages to get to the meat and potatoes of what you need to know. Access to Rakesh’s Quick Summaries is reason enough to subscribe! But there is in fact much more to the Automation Champion blog — an excellent resource for Salesforce professionals.

  1. Salesforce SAAS

Tom Blamire and Amy Oplinger are two #AwesomeAdmins who share information and tips for Salesforce pros. One of our favorite reasons to share this blog is that they put a lot of “sass” into their posts — they prove admirably that technical content can have personality!

Amy and Tom post sporadically and on a variety of topics, but when they do post new content it is always a fun, informative read.

  1. Nerd @ Work

Enrico Murru is the first Italian Salesforce MVP, and his blog readers certainly benefit from his expertise. His blog posts are pretty technical, geared toward helping developers tackle some challenges working within the Salesforce platform.

Along with posts from Enrico, Nerd @ Work enlists the help of other Salesforce pros to distribute consistently helpful and detailed content.

  1. SFDC99

Feeling down at work? Outside of looking for a new, better Salesforce job, a little inspiration can help get you through the day. David Liu’s SFDC99 blog is an excellent place to find both helpful tutorials and inspiration and motivation to perk up your day.

With tutorials for beginners plus more advanced topics, there is literally something for everyone on the SFDC99 blog. To find the aforementioned inspiration, be sure to check out the “Success Stories” tab.

These bloggers elevate all Salesforce professionals to achieve their goals.

But if you feel like your current job isn’t going to get you toward your goals, or if you’re simply ready for a change, Tech2 is here for you.  We work with great companies across the country. We’ll never make you feel like YOU are your resume. We like to get to know you and your goals to find you the right opportunities throughout your career.

Check out our current Salesforce job openings or reach out to talk to our team. We’re here to help!


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