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What does your perfect Salesforce job look like? Have you thought about it?

In many cases, we’re so busy plugging along at our 9 to 5 that we don’t have time to really put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and lay out what is included in our ideal career situation.

But even if you’re not actively looking for jobs, this exercise can be super helpful. Here’s why:


It will give you a clear picture of your goals.


“Happiness” or “contentedness” are pretty vague terms that are often used interchangeably. When we talk to candidates who initially say they are “happy” in their current Salesforce jobs, after awhile it becomes pretty clear they’re actually content. It could be better (often much better), but it also could be worse.

Contentedness can be a good thing, but it can also be a dangerous place in your career. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the view once in awhile, no matter where you are in your career as a Salesforce admin or developer, it is sound career advice to plan out your goals. Because when you’re not thinking about what’s next, you’re less likely to achieve it.

Remember that interview question you’ve been asked a million times? Where do you see yourself in a year? 5 years? 10 years?

Have you really thought about that for yourself? When some do, they think of those terms rather vaguely, along the lines of “I’d like to be successful, make XX dollars a year, and be happy.”

Instead, try to get super specific when thinking about your ideal situation. What time do you wake up? What’s on your mind when you go to bed? What does your day look like from start to finish? How much time do you have for your family, interests and hobbies?

Start from that picture and work backwards to determine criteria for the Salesforce job that will make that picture a reality. And partnering with a Salesforce recruiting firm like Tech2 can help you get there.


Your confidence is super high.


You’re killing it at your current job. They rely on you as their subject matter expert, and you feel on top of the world.

This is the best time to think about the ins and outs of your perfect Salesforce job. That’s because when you’re down and out, you may only focus on what you need to “get by,” rather than what you truly deserve.

There’s some truth to old sayings sometimes. One of those you may have heard is along the lines of “it’s easier to find a job when you’re not looking.” Have you ever heard that one?

When your confidence is high, it shines through. You understand your value and challenge yourself to aim higher. Our own preconceived notions of what “could” or “should” be are often much lower than what is actually out there and available. If you’re not thinking about and considering what your perfect job could be, you are potentially costing yourself: money, vacation, peace of mind and ultimately, happiness.


Situations and companies change, sometimes rapidly.


This one is pretty straightforward. You may have a great boss, your department is staffed with capable employees, and your company is on solid footing.

Bosses get fired, companies get sold, and things can change — quickly. You may be content or even happy at work, but when things change at the flip of a coin, you could be left scrambling to find new work. And as I mentioned earlier, we often sell ourselves short (and present differently in interviews) when we need to look for work.


I need to start thinking about my Salesforce career…now what?


Proactively opening your eyes and ears to new opportunities protects you from those situations. When you have set your goals and understand the opportunities that can help you reach them, and your network is attuned to those goals, it’s easier to maintain a position of confidence and power in your Salesforce career.  

Here at Tech2 Resources, we work with Salesforce admins and developers across the country to identify their goals and find career opportunities to reach them. We have strong relationships with companies across the country, and can help you discreetly look for a better job. Search our current openings or contact us to get started.


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