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  • Jul 23
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This is Why More Salesforce Admins and Developers Are Leaving Than Ever

Employee retention is always a major priority facing HR and business leadership, but it’s especially magnified during a talent shortage. Competition for Salesforce admins and developers is especially fierce.

When HR is already stressed trying to fill job openings, losing members of your Salesforce team to the competition only compounds their challenges (and stress).

Based on our experience with top Salesforce admins and developers across the country, here are five key reasons Salesforce admins and developers are leaving their employers:

1. Your competition is working harder.

Ultimately, losing your talent to the competition means one of two things: Either you weren’t doing enough to keep your employees, or your competition is doing more than you to attract your employees. Or both! I’ll dig deeper into how the competition is doing more (and what you may not be doing) to sway your Salesforce talent.

2. You’re not recognizing your employees.

Your employees know they do great work, you know they do great work. But are you recognizing your Salesforce team for their contributions and successes? Our recruiters here at Tech2 are constantly hearing from candidates who feel undervalued at their current employers. They specifically cite a lack of recognition as a key motivator to seek new employment opportunities. Whether it’s offhand remarks and recognition, or a more formal strategy for recognizing employee contributions, instituting a plan for recognition can make a massive impact on your retention rate.

3. Your employees crave opportunities to grow.

We recently profiled a happy candidate in our monthly newsletter who was placed in a new opportunity. He was frustrated with the lack of opportunity at his previous employer. The sad part is that, for the employer, they may have had defined career paths for this employee and other members of the team. But, because they didn’t have a formal plan, or didn’t adequately communicate their growth opportunities, they lost a top contributor.

The solution here is two-fold: Be sure to create and define career paths and opportunities for your Salesforce developers and admins. Then, communicate those opportunities and talk to your team members about their goals and how their unique paths may advance with your company. This simple step can have a profound impact on your retention rate.

4. They want to feel like you’re invested in them.

Millennials in particular have pushed employers to adjust and grow to meet the needs of today’s workforce. With two-thirds of millennials expecting to leave their organizations by 2020, it’s up to employers to invest in their teams before their retention rate takes a major hit.

This point aligns closely with the previous point — if your employees feel that you are invested in their current and future success with your company, they are more likely to stay put. Beyond career paths and ongoing opportunities, that can also include:

  • Investment in career learning and conferences (including additional certifications)
  • Investment in cutting-edge (or at least up-to-date) equipment
  • Ample vacation or personal time
  • Standing desks and other office equipment that supports their needs and health
  • And more — consider asking your employees for their input so you can specifically meet their needs

5. They’re looking for flexibility.

Today’s employees are balancing more than ever, and they expect their employers to offer flexible arrangements that nurture their needs. In particular, we speak with many candidates who seek remote opportunities, flexible hours, unlimited (or at least more than the standard two weeks) paid time off and more.

If your organization isn’t already offering flexibility that meets the above criteria, take an honest look at what you can offer while maintaining productivity and workflows. You may be surprised at increases in productivity (and reductions in cost) associated with implementing more flexibility! And of course, improved retention.

The right partner can help you find top Salesforce talent.

At Tech2, we have strong relationships with Salesforce admins and developers across the country. We can help you find your next Salesforce superstar. Send me a message to connect and learn more.

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