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You Can Absolutely Switch from being a Salesforce Admin to Developer – Here’s How!

A Salesforce admin career is super rewarding, both professionally and financially. Your skills are in high demand right now, as organizations seek Salesforce-savvy professionals to spearhead adoption and implementation.

But, while the thought of a Salesforce career may have attracted you to the admin role, maybe you’re been thinking about making the move to a Salesforce developer career path. If you’ve been contemplating a move, but aren’t sure where to go or what to do, this post is for you ????

While you may be wondering if a lack of development experience precludes you from making the leap to a Salesforce developer career, hold on one second. There are many reasons why admins make some of the best Salesforce developers. Here are just a few:

You are a Salesforce expert

By taking the reins as your organization’s go-to Salesforce expert, you understand the platform like few other professionals.

You have a passion for Salesforce

Genuine enthusiasm for Salesforce cannot be understated. You’re excited and eager to pivot into a different aspect of Salesforce, which means you’re destined to succeed!

You know what to pursue and avoid

Over the years, you may have worked with Salesforce developers who had some “bad” or “good” habits. Seeing how those habits impact your colleagues and workflow can provide excellent motivation for you to develop the right habits as you transition out of your admin career.

How to make the leap from Salesforce admin to developer

Now that you are amped up and ready to make the move from Salesforce admin to developer, here are three important steps you’ll want to take to make for a smooth transition:

1. Take a different look at your daily tasks

Right now, you are in full “admin” mode (and are doing an awesome job at that!), but to make a successful leap from admin to developer, you’ll need to stop thinking about the greater implementation of Salesforce in your organization, and start thinking about what can be automated.

As a Salesforce developer, you’ll be using code to automate repetitive tasks and help your organization get more value from the Salesforce platform. Throughout your days as an admin (while you are doing the necessary preparation for your developer move), begin complementing your admin mindset by thinking about how code can solve challenges and make life easier.

2. Start doing the work

Of course, the best place to start your career as a Salesforce developer is in Trailhead. Salesforce provides an incredible amount of tutorials and learning opportunities to help you become a developer. Trailhead will literally take you from a beginner to a savvy developer!

Have you ever heard the phrase “fake it till you make it?” I’m not encouraging you to pretend to be a Salesforce developer, but, the best way to learn and make the transition from admin to developer is by doing. You have to get in there and start to code!

You should have some pretty good opportunities to learn by doing in your current Salesforce admin role. Spend some time looking at code, and borrow a few minutes with your developers to ask them questions and be sure you understand why something is coded a particular way.

The Salesforce community is a welcoming and encouraging one. Check out to look for Salesforce user groups in your area (Salesforce also has a list of user groups on its site). Visit an event, and you’ll meet some passionate, engaging and helpful developers who are often happy to share their insights and answer questions to help you on your journey.

3. Partner with a Salesforce recruiting firm

If you haven’t already throughout your admin career, partnering with a Salesforce recruiting firm can help you position yourself and maximize your resume to find Salesforce developer jobs. Here at Tech2, we help admins and developers across the country find their next great job. We’re happy to help you, too!

What next?

Now that you have a roadmap in your journey from Salesforce admin to developer, it’s time to get started. Be sure to visit Trailhead first to kickstart your learning (and doing). Take that initiative in your current job. And when you’re ready, check out our Salesforce developer job postings and reach out to make that leap official!

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