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Polly Clavijo, Chief Operations Officer at Revolution Group, sat down with Tech2 Resources to chat about all the benefits our partnership has to offer.


Hearst Magazines is one of the world’s largest publishers of monthly magazines, with 25 U.S. titles and close to 300 international editions.

OUR CLIENT’S NEED: Hearst Magazine had been looking for a Salesforce Developer for 6 months. This person would play a key role in getting them fully integrated on the Salesforce platform. They reached out to their Salesforce AE for assistance and he recommended that they contact Tech2.

THEIR SEARCH CHALLENGES: They needed someone who lived locally and could work onsite. Initially, they were searching on their own for a dedicated Salesforce Developer but did not receive the responses or quality of candidate they expected, which was a surprise for them with their location being in New York City.

OUR TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION: After digging into their requirements and asking some pointed questions, we found out they really needed an Advanced Admin with some development skills. We were able to find 3 qualified candidates within a few weeks, ultimately leading to a successful placement.


IRI provides integrated big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights, all on a single leading platform.

OUR CLIENT’S NEED: IRI had been using Salesforce for a couple of months and wanted to further enhance its capabilities, including moving from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. They needed extra help, a Salesforce Developer, to come in temporarily and help with the changes.

THEIR SEARCH CHALLENGES: Given that this was a new technology for IRI, they did not have internal technical staff to guide them, so they called on their Salesforce AE for suggestions. He referred Tech2 after having success with us in the past.

OUR TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION: After an initial call outlining their needs and pain points, we were able to find them a contractor who was hired within 3 days! Great example of getting it right the first time!


SchoolMint helps educators create bright, sustainable futures. Their vision is to become the leading school platform for trusted, student-centric experiences.

Our Clients Needs: SchoolMint had a Salesforce BA role overseeing their complete data stack from a macro level as you look at their customer journeys.

Their Search Challenges: It was a difficult role to fill because it was both technical and strategic. We were introduced to the client a few years ago and kept in touch with information about Salesforce candidate marketplace.

Our Talent Delivery Solution: When SchoolMint reached out to the Tech2 team to assist with their search, we nailed it with the first candidate we presented. They hired her quickly and she is doing awesome! The client describes her as “Absolute rock star!” “Dependable” “Knowledgeable, “Strategic Thinker”.


Singletrack’s cutting-edge relationship management technology enables banks, brokers and IRPs to differentiate and prosper in the post-MiFID II marketplace

OUR CLIENT’S NEED: Singletrack recently opened a new US based headquarters in NYC and needed someone who had experience managing multiple Salesforce orgs and a call center ticketing system. Since it was a new and small office, their preference was a candidate who had worked in their industry who could wear multiple hats and roll up their sleeves to get the job done.

THEIR SEARCH CHALLENGES: They had worked with multiple recruiting firms for several weeks who didn’t specialize in Salesforce. Most of the candidates that were presented were not qualified, and the ones that were did not have industry experience and only wanted to work on one Salesforce org.

OUR TALENT DELIVERY SOLUTION: We interviewed well over 20 people and because of our deep understanding of the Salesforce platform, we were able to weed out several candidates and assure that we were only choosing people with relevant industry experience. Ultimately, we presented 3 well qualified candidates ,one of which was hired within a few weeks.

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