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Are you an educational institution looking to enhance your Salesforce capabilities? At Tech2 Resources, we specialize in connecting educational and e-learning organizations with top-tier Salesforce talent.

Our expert recruitment team understands the unique needs of the industry and can help you find the right professionals to drive your institution’s success.

We Can Help Educational Institutions Maximize ROI by Providing Specialized Salesforce Talent

At Tech2 Resources, we have a proven track record of helping educational institutions maximize their return on investment by providing specialized Salesforce talent. 

Our Recruitment Process and Methodology:

  • Understanding your specific requirements and cultural fit.
  • Sourcing from our extensive network of qualified Salesforce experts.
  • Conducting thorough interviews and assessments to evaluate technical skills and industry knowledge.
  • Presenting you with a shortlist of highly qualified candidates.
  • Assisting with the final selection and onboarding process.

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    How Salesforce Impacts the Education Industry

    Salesforce has revolutionized the e-learning and education sector by offering Education Cloud platform. Salesforce has also numerous benefits that enhance operational efficiency, student engagement, and overall ROI. By leveraging Salesforce, educational institutions can:

    • Improve student enrolment and retention through personalized communication and targeted marketing campaigns.
    • Streamline administrative processes such as student records management, scheduling, and admissions.
    • Enhance collaboration and communication between faculty, staff, and students.
    • Gain valuable insights through data analytics, enabling evidence-based decision-making.
    • Provide a seamless and personalized learning experience across various digital platforms.

    Essential Salesforce Skills for Educational Institutions

    To thrive in the educational industry, we source Salesforce professionals that possess a range of essential skills, including:

    • Salesforce administration and configuration
    • CRM implementation and customization
    • Marketing automation and lead nurturing
    • Data analytics and reporting
    • Integration with third-party systems
    • App development and customization
    • Salesforce training and user support

    How Tech2 Can Attract Salesforce Talent for Your Educational and E-learning Institution

    Partnering with Tech2 Resources brings several advantages to your educational institution’s Salesforce recruitment efforts.

    Comprehensive Understanding of the E-learning and Education Industry:

    We have deep insights into the challenges and opportunities within the e-learning and education sector. This understanding allows us to align the unique requirements of your institution with the skills and expertise of Salesforce professionals.

    Extensive Network of Qualified Salesforce Professionals:

    Our vast network of highly skilled Salesforce experts ensures that we can connect you with the right candidates who possess the necessary knowledge and experience in the educational domain. We rigorously vet our candidates to ensure they meet your institution’s specific needs.

    Customized Recruitment Strategies Tailored to Your Organization’s Needs:

    We recognize that every educational institution is unique. Our recruitment strategies are customized to match your institution’s culture, goals, and Salesforce requirements. This tailored approach ensures that we find professionals who fit seamlessly into your organization.

    Streamlined Process for Efficient and Timely Hiring:

    We understand the importance of timely hiring to minimize disruptions. Our streamlined process and efficient candidate evaluation techniques enable us to provide you with qualified Salesforce talent promptly.

    Emphasis on Candidate Quality and Cultural Fit:

    At Tech2 Resources, we prioritize candidate quality and cultural fit. We go beyond technical skills to ensure that the Salesforce professionals we present to you align with your institution’s values, fostering a positive and productive work environment.

    Our Process

    Our process is a 6-step systemized process that secures the Top 15% of Salesforce specialized talent.

    1. Scope

    We scope your requirements for the best candidate fit, considering interpersonal and soft skills to specific Salesforce expertise.​

    2. Search

    We’ve mapped the entire US Salesforce talent pool and ensure a steady stream of the most talented professionals.

    3. Screen

    Our recruiting experts select the best-fit candidates for the organization, considering technical skills, cultural fit, and background.

    4. Present

    We present 3-4 of the top Salesforce candidates to you with an overview of their background and credentials.

    5. Reference Check

    We will provide professional reference checks as requested through the interview and offer stage.

    6. Secure

    We’ve worked closely with you and you’ve chosen a candidate to negotiate terms for a long-lasting, positive professional relationship.

    Education & eLearning Companies Love Working With Us

    My firm was looking to hire a Salesforce/Business Systems Manager. This was a crucial role overseeing the complete data stack from a macro level as you look at the customer journey. It was a difficult role to fill because it was both technical and strategic. Phil and his team were introduced to me a few years ago. Phil was always good about keeping in touch and keeping me informed about the Salesforce candidate marketplace.

    When I reached out to Phil and the Tech2 team to assist with our search, they absolutely nailed it with the first candidate they sent my way. We ended up hiring her and she is doing awesome! Absolute rock star! Dependable. Knowledgable. Strategic Thinker. I would highly recommend Phil and the Tech2 team for any Salesforce staffing/recruiting needs.

    – Tim Waldren – CRO

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