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The right talent can make all the difference to your Salesforce Consulting business. By partnering with Tech2 Resources as your staffing and recruiting solution, you’re not just acquiring skilled Salesforce professionals – you’re gaining a strategic advantage that can propel your business to new heights.  

Tech2 understands that you need employees who have both broad industry knowledge and the ability to focus in on the specific needs of your clients.  These will be the people who drive client success and deliver high-quality solutions, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of your Salesforce Consulting business.

Let's Discuss Your Talent Requirements

    Salesforce consulting partners often have specific requirements when partnering with a staffing/recruiting company:
    • Salesforce Expertise: Consulting partners require a staffing/recruiting company that understands the Salesforce ecosystem and possesses deep knowledge of Salesforce technologies, products, and best practices. They need a partner who can identify candidates with the necessary Salesforce certifications and relevant experience.
    • Access to Skilled Professionals: Consulting partners rely on staffing/recruiting companies to provide access to a pool of highly skilled Salesforce professionals. They need candidates who possess the required technical expertise, industry knowledge, and consulting skills to deliver successful Salesforce implementations and projects.
    • Quick Turnaround Time: Time is crucial in the consulting world, and consulting partners need a staffing/recruiting company that can provide a fast turnaround in identifying and presenting qualified candidates. Timely recruitment ensures projects stay on schedule and clients’ needs are met promptly.
    • Industry Knowledge: Salesforce consulting partners operate in various industries, and they value a staffing/recruiting company that understands their clients’ industries and can identify candidates with relevant domain expertise. This industry knowledge helps in delivering tailored solutions and understanding clients’ specific requirements.
    For Salesforce Consulting Partners to provide exceptional services, their professionals should possess a range of essential Salesforce skills, including:
    • Salesforce implementation and configuration expertise
    • Specialized Cloud experience depending on Client needs – Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, etc.
    • Strong communication and organizational skills, including speaking to and negotiating with stakeholders
    • Vast experience with Salesforce integrations and data management
    • Understanding of business processes and industry best practices for different types of clients

    Our Process

    Our process is a 6-step systemized process that secures the Top 15% of Salesforce specialized talent.

    1. Scope

    We scope your requirements for the best candidate fit, considering interpersonal and soft skills to specific Salesforce expertise.​

    2. Search

    We’ve mapped the entire US Salesforce talent pool and ensure a steady stream of the most talented professionals.

    3. Screen

    Our recruiting experts select the best-fit candidates for the organization, considering technical skills, cultural fit, and background.

    4. Present

    We present 3-4 of the top Salesforce candidates to you with an overview of their background and credentials.

    5. Reference Check

    We will provide professional reference checks as requested through the interview and offer stage.

    6. Secure

    We’ve worked closely with you and you’ve chosen a candidate to negotiate terms for a long-lasting, positive professional relationship.

    Tech2 Resources can be a powerful tool for Salesforce Consulting companies who want to realize maximum ROI from their consultants.

    Salesforce Consulting Companies Love Working With Us

    I truly appreciate all of the transparent communication and all the hard work that they’ve put in to help us find quality talent in just a short time.

    – Nicole Rempis, IT Recruiter, Esri

    Within the past five months we’ve hired 3 candidates with Tech2 Resources. You’ve brought quality candidates to the table which has given us options and we appreciate that.

    Polly Clavijo, COO, Revolution Group

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