Finding Top Salesforce Talent For Software Development Companies

Are you in the software development industry and struggling to find qualified Salesforce talent? Look no further! At Tech2 Resources, we specialize in Salesforce talent acquisition and can help you build a skilled team to drive your business growth and success.

We have a proven track record of success in recruiting top Salesforce talent for software development businesses. We use a unique approach that combines our expertise in Salesforce with our extensive network of connections within the Salesforce community.

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    The Importance of Salesforce for Software Development Companies

    • Integration & App Development: Aiding with powerful integration capabilities, Salesforce through AppExchange enables seamless data flow between systems & intensifying software development efficiency.
    • Improved Competence and Productivity: Automate tasks, track progress, & collaborate constructively with Salesforce, empowering staff to focus on strategic operations and nurture productivity.
    •  Elevated Customer Satisfaction: Utilize Service Cloud to provide excellent customer service, shadow interactions, & enhance the overall customer experience, fostering loyalty & gratification
    • Raise Revenue: Salesforce equips businesses with the ability to close more deals, upsell, cross-sell, & maximise customer lifetime value, expanding revenue and profitability

    We Can Help Software Companies Maximize ROI by Providing Specialized Salesforce Talent

    At Tech2 Resources, we have a proven track record of helping Software Development Companies maximize their return on investment by providing specialized Salesforce talent. Our experienced team understands the unique challenges faced by the industry and possesses in-depth knowledge of Salesforce technology.

    Our Recruitment Process and Methodology:

    We follow a comprehensive recruitment process to ensure we find the best-fit Salesforce professionals for your Software Company. Our process includes:

    • Understanding your specific requirements and cultural fit and creating a candidate profile.
    • Sourcing from our extensive network of qualified Salesforce experts.
    • Conducting thorough interviews and assessments to evaluate technical skills and industry knowledge.
    • Presenting you with a shortlist of highly qualified candidates.
    • Assisting with the final selection and onboarding process.

    Key Skills Needed for Salesforce Staff in Software Development Industry

    Must-Have Skills for Salesforce Employees in the Software Development Industry:

    • Profound Software Development Skills
    • Astute Problem-Solving Abilities
    • Engaging Communication Aptitude
    • Seamless Teamwork Prowess
    • Salesforce Platform Expertise


    What Salesforce Pioneers Should Showcase Beyond Essential Skills:

    • Customer-Centric Passion: Salesforce specialists must be fervent about delivering unwavering customer service on this client-focused platform.
    • Embracing Change in Salesforce: As a dynamic application, Salesforce insists that individuals be in constant learning & trend awareness.
    • Impact-Driven Individuals: Salesforce encourages professionals to achieve significant change with unbounded ambition, empowering positive global influence.

    Benefits of Partnering With Us:

    • Access to Top Talent: Each wielding a wealth of experience honed through countless victories, you’ll discover seasoned Salesforce experts within these virtual walls. Housing a distinguished cadre, our coherent customer experiences & sale process optimisations are ventured forth with impressive execution and results.
    • Faster Time to Hire: Collaborating our ingenious procedures with streamlined procedures & unprecedented speeds, the vast reservoir of top-notch candidates we possess will ensure you’ll have the A-team you need faster than ever imagined.
    • Peace of Mind: Our exceptional team of Salesforce talent scouts guarantees your peace of mind. Rest easy knowing proven experts with a unique record of success back you. At Tech2 Resources, in any venture, we support you and ensure our recruiting services help you thrive.

    Our Process

    Our process is a 6-step systemized process that secures the Top 15% of Salesforce specialized talent.

    1. Scope

    We scope your requirements for the best candidate fit, considering interpersonal and soft skills to specific Salesforce expertise.​

    2. Search

    We’ve mapped the entire US Salesforce talent pool and ensure a steady stream of the most talented professionals.

    3. Screen

    Our recruiting experts select the best-fit candidates for the organization, considering technical skills, cultural fit, and background.

    4. Present

    We present 3-4 of the top Salesforce candidates to you with an overview of their background and credentials.

    5. Reference Check

    We will provide professional reference checks as requested through the interview and offer stage.

    6. Secure

    We’ve worked closely with you and you’ve chosen a candidate to negotiate terms for a long-lasting, positive professional relationship.

    Why Software Dev Companies Love Working With Us

    Phil and his team were able to quickly find us a critical Salesforce Admin resource. We had looked at several but Phil quickly found us the optimal candidate. He’s easy to work with, proactive and prompt in communication, and gets great results. It was a pleasure working with Phil.

    – SVP of Enterprise Applications, Easterseals Bay Area (now Catalight)

    What I appreciated most about working with Tech2 was that they were sincerely interested in matching my organization with the right people. Their team operates with a client’s success in mind. It is this kind of integrity that keeps me working with Tech2 Resources.

    – IT Manager, WorldVenture

    Blanche has been a great addition to the team and we appreciate how quickly you and your team were able to find us this talent.

    – Director, Human Resources, Enactus

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