3 ways to know when you can trust a recruiter

Your skills are in demand. In fact, pre-pandemic you were likely getting bombarded with calls, emails, texts, and LinkedIn messages from recruiters. It’s even more competitive out there now! Unfortunately, in all our conversations with Salesforce professionals every day, nearly everyone has a story about a bad experience they’ve had with recruiters in the past.

It’s a shame, but, it’s important to know that there ARE recruiters out there who you can trust, and who can become really powerful partners in your career. It can just be hard to know which recruiters you can trust. That’s why we compiled this list of three (3) easy ways to know when you can actually trust a recruiter:

1. They share the important details – without you having to ask.

The best and most trustworthy recruiters know what’s most important to professionals, and they proactively send you that information so you can make the best decision. We’ve unfortunately heard stories of recruiters who hold back the most important details until the last second, focusing on making what’s called a “sub” (or submission), and not looking out for the best interests of the professional (or the client).

Here at Tech2 Resources, when we talk to the professionals in our network, we share the title and company, location ( including on-site, remote, or hybrid), and salary up front so that they can make the best decision as early in the process as possible. No one wants to waste time pursuing an opportunity that won’t be a fit!

If a recruiter reaches out to you about a position without offering those important details up front, you may want to proceed with caution (if you decide to proceed at all).

2. They answer all your questions in a straightforward way.

Once you’ve got the core information you need to decide whether a potential Salesforce job is the right fit for you, you probably have some questions. Maybe you want to know more about the corporate culture, have specific questions about skills needed or the team you’d be working with on your contract, or something very specific to you and your situation.

Here at Tech2, our recruiters will answer all of your questions right away. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll find it and get back to you quickly. They don’t answer with vague, generic responses or insinuate you’ll find out “once you move further in the process,” or something to that effect.

This is typically one of those red flags that you only need to see once before knowing whether or not to trust a recruiter. A recruiter should always give you straightforward answers.

3. They stay in touch and don’t treat you like a “transaction.”

Earlier, I mentioned how some recruiters focus on the “sub” or submission, pressuring you into agreeing to be submitted for a job. It almost feels like a transaction, like you’re being sold an o[opportunity. Except this is often a rushed, hurried process that doesn’t take into consideration your wants, needs, and career goals. This is very frequently the type of negative recruiter experience professionals share with us after they become part of our extended Tech2 family. They didn’t realize that other recruiters and staffing firms actually treat professionals like…well…actual people!

Trustworthy recruiters stay in touch throughout the process. They don’t focus on “selling” you on a job in that “used car salesman” or “telemarketer” kind of way. Instead, they work with you to understand what you’re looking for, and help you determine whether a specific role will be the right fit. They coach you through the recruiting process with that company, and are there to answer any questions and prepare you as you head to your first day on the job.

Oftentimes, they touch base on anniversaries or birthdays, or just to stay in touch. Because when you work with a trusted recruiter like Tech2, you really do become a part of the extended family.

We’re hiring Salesforce professionals, and we’d love to earn your trust.

We are very proud of the strong relationships we’ve built with professionals across the country in our 20 years of business. To experience the difference of working with a trustworthy recruiter firsthand, contact us today. Or, search our current Salesforce job openings and apply right through our site. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly!

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