LinkedIn 101: Tips to Help You Boost Your Salesforce Career

When it comes to finding work as a Salesforce developer or AwesomeAdmin, if you have the skills, you pretty much have the world in your hand. After all, with more than 3,200 job openings in the last 12 months in the U.S. alone and with more than 200,000 companies using the Salesforce platform (stat is for 2015, but still….), if you just wave your hand and say “I’m Salesforce certified,” chances you’ll be inundated with attention from recruiters eager to help you in your job search.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to make sure your online presence is the best it can be. In addition to sprucing up your resume and cover-letter writing skills, if you want to really stand out among Salesforce professionals, make sure your LinkedIn profile towers above most others.

1. Add Salesforce skills and certifications to your profile – of course! – but don’t forget your summary.

Remember, people who visit your profile don’t see your skills or work experience first: they your summary, so it needs to hail your Salesforce skills immediately.

It’s here that you’ll include information about your skills and experience, but you also should add info on what you love about the industry, why you became involved with Salesforce, etc.

2. Showcase your communications skills.

Sure, Salesforce developers write a lot (of code), but in order to really advance within your career, you’re going to have to show you can write more than that. So write your profile well and have someone else read it for grammar, syntax and spelling mistakes.

We recommend these simple tricks:

  • Write in the first person.
  • Tell a story (don’t just cut and paste your resume).
  • Don’t ramble: longer isn’t better.
  • Include a “Specialities” section right in your summary (this helps you get those Salesforce keywords in).

3. Show that you can “do the job.”

This may make no sense at first: “Do the job?” you may be wondering. “But I’m looking for a job. Surely you don’t expect me to work for free??”

Of course not. What we mean instead is that you should provide concrete examples of what you did to solve a particular problem in your current job or in a past position.

For example, instead of saying you “assist clients in Salesforce integrations,” say something along the lines of:

“With my help, a local university was able to enjoy a new level of efficiency as my team and I integrated Salesforce across two different departments (enrollment and tuition payments), thus providing a single view of student data and eliminating the usual bottlenecks within the admission cycle.”

4. Don’t be shy: ask for recommendations.

Sure, people are busy but, if necessary, volunteer to write the recommendations yourself. (You can then send the recommendation to your connection for editing and posting.) Your profile recommendations should tell the story about your best Salesforce victories, so for example (and keeping step 3, above, into mind), ask the people you worked with at the university to provide you with recommendations, making sure they speak to how your efforts made their lives better while also showcasing your technical expertise.

Now that you’re on your way to boosting your Salesforce career with the help of your LinkedIn profile, let our Salesforce-certified recruiters here at Tech2 Resources do the same. Call us at 919-569-5529 or send us a message to learn more.

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