5 Employer Branding Tips to Attract Top Salesforce Talent

With demand for Salesforce talent at unprecedented levels, employers have their work cut out for them if they want to find and hire the best admins and developers. Does your business have what it takes to attract top talent?

To stand out from the pack and land top talent, an investment in your employer brand is essential. How your company (and opportunity) is presented can significantly impact whether you land top talent…or they head to the competition.

These employer branding tips can help your business stand out from the pack:

Tip #1 Identify what makes you great.

This may seem pretty simple and straightforward, but so many companies fail to properly identify what makes them a great choice for employees. Sometimes, it can be difficult to isolate what differentiates you on your own. You have a few options in these instances:

  • Run an anonymous poll of your employees. Ask them for feedback about what they love (or don’t love) about working for you. Respect anonymity and explain why you want to know — so you can recruit some awesome future co-workers for them!
  • Ask a strategic partner for input. The right strategic recruiting partner can help identify what makes you different, what makes you great, and what’s going to resonate with Salesforce talent today.

Once you have identified what defines your employer brand, record them (and keep it short). If your differentiators need explaining, they’re not differentiators. A candidate should be able to read them and immediately “get” you.

Tip #2 Be consistent in your messaging. You’ve identified what makes you different — now it’s time to be sure your recruiting and recruitment marketing efforts are consistent with that message. Remove outdated branding from your website, social media profiles, and anywhere else your business has a recruiting presence. Replace it with new, concise messaging that conveys the right points.

Salesforce talent will first encounter your brand in any number of places. It’s important for your branding and messaging to be consistent regardless of where that first contact occurs.

Tip #3 Don’t be afraid of feedback. Feedback is a good thing — it means people care enough to let you know what the like (and don’t like). Candidates who are happy (or in many cases, unhappy) may leave constructive feedback on sites like Facebook, Google, Glassdoor and Yelp. Review that feedback and reply when necessary. Feedback shared on these platforms can help you identify inconsistencies in your branding efforts, miscommunication and other gaps that can easily be filled.

Of course, maintain a professional demeanour and thank everyone for their feedback — getting into an argument, sounding defensive, or challenging feedback will only hurt your brand. But welcoming sincere discussion will always paint your organization in a positive light.

Don’t be afraid to also ask happy employees and candidates to share feedback. Word-of-mouth marketing is incredibly powerful, and happy talent may not think to post a review. So ask for one!

Tip #4 Keep your talent engaged. Talent today is absolutely open to your messages, even in a cluttered market. But, the worst thing you can do is engage talent, then drop off when your process moves slowly, you’ve made a hire, or are otherwise delayed. Candidate engagement is a hot topic today, and with good reason. If candidates do not feel that you are valuing their time, they will head to the competition.

For businesses that are busy recruiting for multiple positions across the company or are otherwise focused on more mission-critical tasks, partnering with a specialized Salesforce recruiting firm can help keep talent engaged (along with many other benefits) while you continue running your business.

Tip #5 Have someone in your corner “selling” you to Salesforce talent. As mentioned above, following all the “rules” of recruiting today while running and growing a business can be overwhelming. This is particularly true for overtaxed HR departments who are tasked with recruiting highly specialized Salesforce talent.

When you partner with a Salesforce recruiting firm like Tech2 Resources, we sell your opportunity to talent, we keep candidates engaged throughout the process, and ultimately, we find you better talent, saving you time and money. Want to learn more?

Contact me personally to learn how we can help your business attract and hire top Salesforce talent.

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