7 Tips to Retain Top Salesforce Admins

While the US general unemployment rate hovers around 5%, fierce competition in the tech industry has kept IT unemployment steady at about only 2%. When you niche it down even further into Salesforce Admins, competition for top talent is especially stiff.

Retaining your top Salesforce Admins is essential

In a competitive environment for Salesforce Admins, retaining your top talent becomes increasingly critical to your success. Here at Tech2, we have an extensive network of Salesforce Admins, and they share important feedback with us about what affects their job satisfaction. The answers are likely more direct than you might think.Here’s a list of the top 7 ways to retain your top Salesforce Admins:

  • Check your culture. Top Salesforce Admins and talent today are looking for certain corporate culture traits among their employers – this is especially true with millennials. Transparent, authentic leadership is especially welcomed by talent today. Also, many Salesforce Admins we work with are eager for opportunities to volunteer or give back in the community. Connecting your employees to a larger “mission” or “vision” can help improve engagement and ultimately, retention of your Salesforce Admins.
  • Ask for feedback. Are your employees happy on the job? Ask them! Consistent employee feedback surveys can help you gauge where you need to do better and what is resonating with your team. Try to keep them anonymous – you want employees to share critical feedback (otherwise, how can you fix small issues before they become major hindrances?) and they are far less likely to share that feedback if their name is attached to it.
  • Be flexible. This may be considered akin to beating a dead horse, but employees today are looking for flexibility wherever possible. From telecommuting to flexible work hours, look for ways to give Salesforce Admins some flexibility within your office.
  • Provide continued education opportunities. Staying on top of the latest advancements and technologies is essential for all Salesforce Admins, but the cost of certification or courses from Salesforce University and other resources can add up for your team. Adding a training and development stipend to your compensation packages will demonstrate to your Salesforce Admins that you are invested in their long term success. Doing so makes it much more likely they will reciprocate that feeling.
  • Be up front. We’re surrounded by news and information today – from our phones to social media, there’s an influx of information. We’re accustomed to staying “in the know” on the latest information. So when employers keep their employees in the dark on things like mergers, acquisitions, budget cuts and more, it can build a sense of distrust among their team. From distrust comes curiosity about other opportunities, and ultimately, turnover. If your organization is going through some changes, don’t try to hide them until the last minute. Be up front whenever possible to minimize distrust from your team.
  • Communicate regularly. Being up front on changes and developments within your organization is essential, but just because there isn’t big news to share doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your team in the loop. Make a habit of regularly communicating the latest news with your team. Even if there isn’t anything earth shattering to share, your employees will feel more invested in your future if you make them feel like a part of it.
  • Finding the best Salesforce Admins. One of the best ways to positively impact retention is to ensure you have the best possible talent. There are many factors that contribute to job satisfaction and turnover. Choosing the right recruiting partner can help you ensure you’ve got the best talent in place to help you maximize your Salesforce investment.

Here at Tech2, we specialize in Salesforce recruiting. We have an extensive network of Salesforce Admins across the country, and we can provide precisely the talent you need to reach your goals. Call me directly at 919-569-5529 or contact us through our website to learn more.

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