Don’t Let Salesforce Career Development Fall by the Wayside

Posted July 29th, 2019. Salesforce skills are in high demand. Salesforce continues to grow and monopolize the headlines. In fact, it dominates the worldwide CRM market with nearly 20% market share. More companies than ever are seeking professionals with your exact skill sets.

It’s a good time to be a Salesforce admin or developer!

But, while it’s an amazing time to have Salesforce skills, it’s also NOT the time to rest on those skills. In fact, it’s time to focus on your Salesforce career development. Here’s why:

Earn More Money. Look, we know that money isn’t the only thing you consider in a job, but it absolutely is important. And the facts are pretty straightforward — those Salesforce admins and developers with more certifications and skills earn more money.

Get More Flexibility. More employers than ever are willing to offer flexible work arrangements to land the best Salesforce talent. If you’re interested in working remotely while traveling the world, you can probably find a job that will give you that flexibility. Need to work different hours so you can be with your kids? Employers are willing to go the extra mile for talent that has invested in their career development.

Find Better Opportunities Or in other words, find the right opportunity for you. Put simply, beefing up your resume with skills and certifications opens a lot more doors than you may find without your career advancement investment.

Recession-Proof Your Career. You may or may not be paying attention to the headlines lately, but a lot of economic experts are warning Americans to brace for an impending recession in the next year or two. Now that’s not to sound the alarms, but those professionals who have the most certifications and skills are more likely to have “recession-proof” careers. Investing in career development is a nice way of boosting your job security. Where should I invest my career development efforts?

Ready to step it up a notch? Here’s where you should focus your efforts:

Trailhead. Salesforce has invested heavily in its training platform, Trailhead, since it launched in 2015. Designed for admins and developers to invest in the Salesforce platform and stay on top of the latest developments, this robust platform offers ample opportunity to learn, test, and earn Superbadges or Certifications.

Local Salesforce User Group. Many major cities have highly engaged Salesforce user groups that welcome new members. Learn from your peers, stay on top of new job opportunities, and keep your skills sharp. The Salesforce Trailblazer community is a fantastic place to start. Find events, interact with others in the Salesforce community, and connect with local groups, all from the Trailblazer site.

Attend Conferences and Events. Of course, we definitely recommend Dreamforce if you’re considering attending a Salesforce conference or event this year. But, there are many official and unofficial Salesforce events across the globe throughout the year. Not only can you (in the case of Dreamforce) actually test for your certifications at the event, you can build in an excuse to travel, AND boost your career.

Partner with a Salesforce Recruiting Firm. You are probably tired of hearing from recruiters — they are EVERYWHERE, looking for someone just like you! But, while we can’t speak for other recruiters out there, we can speak for ourselves. And we LOVE helping you boost your career. We’ll talk to you and learn about your goals. We’ll look for jobs that will help you meet them, and will help you put your best foot forward to earn them. Ready to invest in your Salesforce career development?

We’re happy to help! Search our current job openings on our website, or send us a message to say “Hi” and schedule an introductory call.

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