Four reasons to shop small when considering staffing firms

There are many reasons to “shop small”: a more personalized experience, better customer service, and nurturing real connections with people, just to name a few. The same principles apply when considering staffing firms. When looking for a trusted staffing partner, here are four reasons why you should look to smaller staffing firms for your recruitment needs:

  • Not automated candidate factories. Large staffing firms operate purely on volume, attempting to churn out as many candidates as possible, without regard to quality. Smaller firms, because of the pared down scale, have to focus on the quality of candidates and not just the quantity. Operating a smaller, but still copious, database allows for smaller firms to focus on placing the right candidate, instead of simply presenting the most candidates who can often be unfit, unqualified, or unavailable for the role.
  • A more personalized experience. Smaller staffing firms are able to provide a more individualized experience for both clients and candidates. Smaller firms can take the time to learn the client’s hiring needs and understand their business, as well as get to know the candidates as a person and not a resume, rather than rush through the process in order to meet monthly quotas often seen at large firms.
  • Investment in candidates. Because smaller staffing firms do not have the resources to waste time on the wrong placements, they put extensive time and effort into evaluating candidate backgrounds, experience, and company culture expectations. Clients can rest assured that they are only meeting quality candidates whose background and experience has been personally vetted.
  • Focus on a specialized niche. Large staffing firms often place candidates in a variety of industries and roles without ever having a true understanding of the specific job or field. Smaller staffing firms often focus on a specialized niche, gaining a deeper understanding of both the client and the candidate and the work that they do. Because of this focus, smaller staffing firms understand industry-specific information and therefore can develop highly customized hiring strategies.

Are you ready to hire a staffing firm for your recruitment needs or think you will need one in the future? Look at smaller staffing firms like Tech2 Resources, who can provide a personalized experience, specialized attention, and exemplary customer service.

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