How A Salesforce Recruiting Firm Makes Life Easier for Your HR Department

Depending on the size and age of your business, you may have worked with a Salesforce recruiting firm in the past. And depending on who you worked with, you may have wildly different experiences. Salesforce staffing and recruiting firms are most definitely not all alike. But, the staffing and recruiting industry is thriving today, and with good reason. More companies are hiring more talent, and with business booming, the need to augment or assimilate your recruiting function can help an HR department tremendously.

Make life easier — choose a Salesforce recruiting firm! Working with a Salesforce recruiting firm makes sense for any organization seeking Salesforce developers or admins. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

They understand Salesforce. This seems like a no-brainer, but when you’re hiring highly specialized technical talent like Salesforce developers and admins, knowledge of Salesforce is critical. Depending on your HR department, you’re likely hiring for a variety of roles and specialties. It’s impossible for HR staff to know the intricacies of every position in every department. But when you partner with a Salesforce recruiting firm like Tech2, we understand Salesforce, we understand the challenges and preferences of Salesforce talent and our understanding and familiarity in the Salesforce community helps tremendously when recruiting Salesforce developers and admins.

Salesforce recruiting firms save you (a LOT) of time. Hiring takes time. From crafting job descriptions (and going back and forth with department heads to try and get it right), to posting to the right job boards, sifting through resumes, calling and scheduling phone screens, scheduling interviews…all of it. It’s a lot! When you consider the full range of tasks that is on HRs plate aside from recruiting, plus the additional positions currently being recruited, well, saving some time can help your HR department operate much more efficiently.

They save you money. Of course, you know the phrase: Time is money. So when you save a lot of time, it stands to reason you are saving a lot of money. This is especially true when you consider what happens when the wrong candidate is hired. Poor-fit candidates toss out your recruiting dollars, training and onboarding and lost productivity. It adds up. Any fees for your recruiting partner are quickly made back (and then some), simply by placing your Salesforce recruiting in the hands of a Salesforce recruiting firm. It’s a simple one to explain, but it’s always worth mentioning. Every organization looks for ways to cut costs and improve ROI. Hiring a specialized Salesforce recruiting firm is an excellent way to save money on a high-cost talent investment for your organization.

They typically reach better candidates. We mentioned above the benefit of a Salesforce recruiting firm that understands the intricacies of Salesforce. Along with that knowledge and reputation in the Salesforce community comes a better network of specialized Salesforce talent. Depending on your specific industry or niche, you may only hire Salesforce talent once every few years. Or perhaps this is your first time ever recruiting a Salesforce developer or admin. As a result, your company is probably an unknown to many Salesforce professionals. They may be leery of applying without solid information about who you are, what you have to offer and how you treat talent. A specialized Salesforce recruiting firm like Tech2 has strong relationships with candidates across the country. We’ve worked with hundreds of Salesforce developers and admins and have successfully placed them with excellent companies. When you share with us your needs, we know just who to call (or how to reach even more candidates in the space) — and because we’ve built strong relationships in the Salesforce community, they answer.

They help you improve candidate engagement. We’re in a candidate’s market, and Salesforce talent in particular is in especially high demand. Salesforce developers and admins don’t want to bother with companies that have long hiring processes, communication droughts and overall poor candidate engagement. When you partner with a Salesforce recruiting firm, we take care of candidate engagement (remember, saving you time!), so that candidates are always up to date on the hiring process. We prompt you when more information is needed to ensure that Salesforce talent is engaged and excited throughout the process. This makes it much more likely when the offer is made, the Salesforce developer or admin we refer is going to accept.

This Salesforce recruiting firm can find your next Salesforce developer or admin. At Tech2, we place the highest priority on building strong relationships with our client partners and candidates. We’ll help you find top Salesforce talent that is ready to hit the ground running. Contact us now to learn more.

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