How Contract Salesforce Developers Can Help Your Business

Headed to Dreamforce? So is Tech2! Stop by Booth #341 to meet the team and win some cool tech (follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to learn more about our giveaway!). As of 2015, there are more than 200,000 companies using the Salesforce1 Platform and nearly 2,000 apps that are built on top of the Salesforce1 Platform. Experienced Salesforce developers are critical for these organizations to implement business solutions and drive innovation.

Are you maximizing your investment in Salesforce professionals?Chances are you’re among those 200,000 organizations that needs talented Salesforce developers – but adding permanent staff unnecessarily can hurt your staffing ROI. While we recruit both for permanent and contract Salesforce developers (and admins) here at Tech2, there are many opportunities where contractors provide significant benefits to organizations, including:

  1. Scale up or down. Flexibility is a critical component of the most successful organizations. The ability to scale up or down your staff of Salesforce developers to meet increasing (or decreasing) removes unnecessary stress and planning for handling permanent staff.
  2. Reduce costs. One of the most time-tested benefits of contract staffing still rings true – it often reduces costs significantly for employers. In addition to the literal time and cost savings of outsourcing the recruiting function, you’ll also save on benefits and onboarding. And when the contract ends, the salary comes off your payroll (unless/until you need another contract Salesforce developer).
  3. Fresh perspective. New contractors can serve as a breath of fresh air for development teams. Whether you’re struggling with a specific challenge or with stagnating innovation, the fresh perspective brought by contract Salesforce developers can keep your organization on its toes.
  4. Better performance. Many Salesforce developers (and IT professionals in general) thrive in contract roles. They enjoy the constantly-evolving challenges and opportunities presented by new organizations and projects and tackle them with enthusiasm. The very nature of contract employment also demands consistently high performance – contract employees can’t just sit back. They’re constantly improving their skills and gaining new ones. Their ability to land future contracts depends on it.

How to Find Contract Salesforce DevelopersContract Salesforce developers make sense for many situations and organizations. But with top Salesforce developers in demand, finding the most exceptional talent can be a challenge. Try these tips:

  1. Focus on culture. Everyone wants to work for a company with a strong corporate culture. Particularly among millennials, strong culture (including community involvement, open communication and teamwork among other traits) is critical when choosing between job offers.
  2. Know what you need. Understanding exactly what skills (and personality) traits work best within your team can help you avoid wasting time and money when recruiting Salesforce developers. Without getting nit-picky, assemble a handful of critical team leaders to identify the traits most important for your contract Salesforce developers.
  3. Refine your hiring process. Demand remains high for all technical talent, and this is especially true when recruiting Salesforce developers. If your hiring process is tedious or bloated, talent can lose interest – fast. Be sure your process is refined and well oiled prior to interviewing potential contract Salesforce developers to ensure that when you’ve found the right person, he or she is still available (and wants to work for your company).
  4. Choose the right strategic recruiting partner. Sometimes things seem easy to implement in a blog or meeting, but actual implementation proves challenging. The easiest, most affordable way to find and hire contract Salesforce developers is by partnering with a staffing and recruiting firm. Shameless plug: Our team at Tech2 is comprised of Salesforce experts. We understand what it takes for Salesforce developers (and admins) to thrive in a variety of organizations and roles. Your recruiting partner should have demonstrable knowledge and previous results to ensure you’re making the right decision.

If you’re looking for opportunities to bring on contract Salesforce developers or have additional Salesforce developer or admin staffing needs, give me a call at 919-569-5529 (or reach out via email). I’ll help your organization reap the benefits of integrating contract Salesforce developers into your workforce.

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