How to Get the Most from Salesforce Candidate Interviews

You’ve spent dozens of hours (if not more!) crafting the right job descriptions, sharing your job posting on all the major platforms, reading and sorting through hundreds of resumes, and scheduling interviews. Whew, it may feel like you’re close to the finish line! But there’s still a major step left before your excited, experienced Salesforce candidate is in-house and helping your team.

The interview. In many instances, businesses have interviews down to a science. They have a list of questions, and run through them. Depending on the specific role, they may pull in members of their team as well to gauge prospects. But as times change and the Salesforce market becomes tighter, top Salesforce candidates are changing too. And in many cases it is difficult for organizations to respond quickly enough and evolve their interviews for Salesforce-specific roles. Consequently, rates of candidates “ghosting” employers (disappearing during the interview process or after accepting a position) or simply accepting another job elsewhere are rising. Organizations are left with nothing after spending countless hours (and $$) trying to find Salesforce talent in a highly competitive market. It can be frustrating and even demoralizing. But, you can get more value out of your Salesforce candidate interviews, and ultimately land better talent that will contribute to your business in the long run. In particular, here are two (2) important steps to take in order to get the most from Salesforce talent interviews:

1. Thoroughly screen candidates before they make it to the interview. We all know that recruiting, screening and vetting candidates is a major time and resource hog for organizations. Throughout that process, there are few things more frustrating than getting to the interview stage and realizing that you are spending your time meeting with poor-fit candidates. When this occurs, not only is HR frustrated, but team leaders and senior Salesforce staff get especially frustrated, since they’ve been pulled from their day-to-day work to interview unsuitable candidates.

In can be particularly challenging for HR and recruiters to screen highly technical qualifications to the level needed before meeting with in-house Salesforce talent. It’s impossible for your recruiters to be experts in everything! But the consequence is losing significant amounts of productivity among your current Salesforce team in order to properly vet talent (whether it’s reviewing resumes or actually hopping on phone/video screens or interviews).

Here at Tech2 Resources, we remove this headache for employers. We have strong relationships with a range of Salesforce talent across the country and we are Salesforce experts. We are in the unique position of understanding Salesforce as much as we understand recruiting and hiring, which enables us to technically screen candidates and weed them out for you. That means when we refer candidates to you, they are exceptional and fit your hiring profiles exactly.

2. Make Salesforce candidates want to work for you. Salesforce professionals are in demand – and they know it! Without a compelling reason (or reasons), they are unlikely to demonstrate any interest in new opportunities. In other words, they need you to make them want to work for you.

But it can be difficult to do this when you haven’t even spoken to them yet. Employers who partner with Tech2 for Salesforce recruiting are often thrilled at the level of interest and engagement from candidates who meet with them for Salesforce candidate interviews. That’s because our team takes the time to sell your company and your Salesforce job opening. We will get to know you as a client and dig deep into your job description, pulling out the essential details that we know candidates will want to hear. Candidates know exactly what’s in it for them, and they are as excited about you as you are about them!

Save time and money while maximizing your internal resources. Leverage our expertise and network to find YOUR next Salesforce team member. We’ll help you reduce costs and increase productivity while giving you the peace of mind that you are landing truly exceptional talent. Contact us today to get started.

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