How you can really tell staffing agencies apart

You need talent in the midst of a talent crunch (current pandemic aside, there has been a talent crunch for Salesforce professionals for nearly a decade now…). Staffing agencies right now are knocking on doors, promising to deliver Salesforce professionals quickly. But how can you really tell staffing agencies apart? Your ability to do just that can make a massive impact on your workforce, your productivity and ultimately, your success.

Without actually working with some poor staffing partners, it can seem challenging to determine who’s truly going to be an effective partner for your business. Here are three (3) simple ways to help narrow down the field and choose a staffing agency that has the potential to become a long-term partner:

1. They specialize and have true expertise in at least one core area.

For tech recruiting in particular, and especially for Salesforce developers, admins, and architects, a “do-all, be-all” staffing firm is unlikely to deliver the right talent. That’s because all the technology in the world isn’t going to help one-size-fits-all recruiters understand the nuances of your business, how your Salesforce talent contributes to your bottom line, and what to look for in Salesforce talent.

Here at Tech2 Resources, we are Salesforce experts. Our network consists of exceptional Salesforce talent, and we have strong relationships with the professionals in our network. We understand our clients and the professionals they’re trying to reach. And it makes a difference. We deliver better talent, faster. Our clients trust us to deliver because we do, consistently.

2. They treat their talent well.

The situation has reached peak importance for employers. Two-thirds of workers are considering leaving their jobs, many already have left them. Employers are throwing more money and more benefits at candidates, resulting in poor retention, but also ghosting between job offers and start dates.

It’s pretty rough out there for many businesses.

But, staffing agencies that get the best results for their client partners have talent that stay the course. They’re excited about your company and opportunity. They’re eager to work with you, because they LOVE working with their recruiter and staffing firm! It makes a huge difference.

It starts with how professionals are treated. When recruiters respect their time, are honest, answer questions, and communicate effectively, they build strong relationships within their networks. Here at Tech2, we do this and more to ensure that our network understands just how important they are to us and our clients. And our clients notice the difference.

3. Their communication and honesty.

True staffing partners will respond in a timely fashion, they deliver talent quickly, and they communicate effectively. They answer your questions and ask the right ones in return, and get you the information you need to make a decision.

There are often some red flags during early calls and interactions with staffing agencies that may not be the best partners. They evade questions, are slow to respond to your emails, or they respond with generic, vague responses. They say one thing and do another. These all seem rather obvious, but when you’re stressed, work is piled up, and you just NEED that Salesforce professional, it can be easy to miss some of the warning signs. It’s important to watch out for red flags or reassuring signs in these key areas, though.

Tech2 is proud to be your preferred Salesforce staffing partner.

We take the time to understand your business and its needs, respect our talent network, and quickly deliver the professionals you need to get the job done and maximize your talent ROI. To learn more or to find a specific professional now, contact our team to get started.

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