Resignation jitters? Here are 3 tips to ease your mind

Let’s start with a little backstory.

You’ve been at your job for a few years and at first, you loved it. It was a challenge, you liked the people and felt like you were getting paid a decent wage. There are several reasons why people become discontented at their job. Sometimes you start out loving the people you work with and then changes happen – coworkers leave, get transferred or new employees come in. Suddenly you can’t stand the people you have to spend 8+ hours a day with and end up losing focus, becoming less productive and just plain stressed out. Or, out of the blue, your job description totally changes. You loved what you were doing before, but now the career path that you projected has now been altered. Lastly, you might hear that the company is going through some changes or restructuring and people are getting nervous.

Honestly, this could go on for years, but your stress level elevates and effects the way you work.

So, it’s time to leave! You find a new position where you’ll be doing what you love, working with great people again and the company is solid as a rock. When it comes time to tell your boss that you’re leaving…you dread it. Maybe you don’t want to face him/her or you might feel guilty for possibly leaving others with a more strenuous workload.

Before you stress out too much, keep these 3 things in mind:

  1. You looked for a new job for a reason. There was a real motivation for why you became interested in that job that a recruiter contacted you about or the one you found online.
  2. You have to do what’s best for you. Not that you shouldn’t care about the other people in your company, but it’s your career and you have to be honest with yourself about the reality of your discontent with your current job. So, the guilt of leaving others with a harder workload can’t come into play. Plus, if you’ve always been a good workmate, they’ll understand!
  3. Your boss has probably done the same thing before. If your boss has been around a while, he/she will have experience with this. If you explain the reasons for leaving and you are confident that it’s a better move for your career, your boss will likely understand and even possibly be supportive! Remember, as long as you’re always gracious and thankful to the people you work with, you’ll never burn bridges that you might need to cross in the future.

Remembering these 3 things will ease some of the anxiety related to changing jobs and help to solidify your decision.

And if you’re in need of some new options and work within the ecosystem, please reach out to our team! Search our current openings and call us at 919-569-5570 or contact us through our website to learn more.

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