Salesforce developers and admins want to work for you. Here’s why they’re not (yet)

The headlines are pretty sobering right now if you’re looking for talent.

Talent shortage Talent war Frustrated professionals

These are all common keywords. Salesforce admins and developers in particular are over the standard recruiting process. We are hearing from scores of admins and developers that they are being “pestered” online by HR and recruiters. Ouch. ???? No one wants to be “pestered.” And yet, you need to hire top Salesforce talent. As a Salesforce recruiting firm that works closely with Salesforce admins and developers every day, we have open, candid conversations. Here is the insider secret from those conversations: Salesforce admins and developers want to work for you. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say they want to want to work for you. Most Salesforce admins and developers are open to new opportunities. But for some reason (or reasons), they’re not receptive to your outreach. We’re hearing from quite a few HR departments that they’re not hearing back (or are getting annoyed replies) when they reach out to Salesforce professionals on LinkedIn or other platforms. Here’s why:

1. They aren’t actively looking for jobs. Buzzwords and headlines around a tight labor market aren’t kidding. Unemployment is at an incredible low, and the numbers are even lower in tech. Salesforce talent is being scooped up by employers, and many businesses are doing what they can to be sure their top talent isn’t poached by the competition. In our network of Salesforce professionals across the country, we’ve got relationships with admins and developers who are working, but always open to new, better opportunities. They aren’t actively looking for new jobs, but when we reach out with an opportunity that we know meets their needs, they listen.

2. Your job postings aren’t driving them to apply. Those Salesforce developers and admins who ARE seeking greener pastures aren’t going to apply for a position unless it really resonates. Effective job postings need to sell your company and position to talent. Otherwise, they’ll look elsewhere (or stay put).When we work with clients here at Tech2, we know what admins and developers are looking for, and what gets them excited about a particular job or company. We craft job postings that position you and your opening in the best possible light so that candidates are eager to apply.

3. Candidates don’t know enough about you to trust you. So often, HR and recruiters reach out to candidates expecting them to jump at the opportunity to talk to them. But in many instances, Salesforce admins and developers know nothing about your company. They don’t know you personally, and as a result, they don’t trust you.We hear this from candidates a LOT. They prefer partnering with us to find new jobs because they know us (and trust that we will only recommend them for jobs that meet their needs). It takes time to build trust, and more often than not, you don’t have time to build it. You have an opening and you need it filled!

4. Your hiring process is taking too long, so they went elsewhere. This is a BIG one. Salesforce talent is in demand. You’re eager for them to get started. But your hiring process stalls out for one reason or another. When that happens, we do our best to try and keep candidates engaged and excited about your opportunity. But sometimes, another opportunity swoops in, or the candidate becomes so frustrated with the length of the process, they decide to stick with their current job. Our client partners trust Tech2 to identify potential roadblocks in their hiring processes, and to communicate up front to candidates how long the process should take. We eliminate many of the hiccups that can delay the earliest stages of your hiring process, freeing you to focus your time only on the handful of candidates who are best suited to your openings.

We can help you find Salesforce talent that is excited about your opportunity. You may be falling victim to the challenges mentioned above, but all is not lost. At Tech2, we partner with companies across the country, leveraging relationships with our strong network of Salesforce talent to help you find precisely the admin or developer you need. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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