Salesforce Recruiting in the 21st Century

Salesforce has become ubiquitous in organizations across the globe. Data suggests that the company has more than 150,000 customers worldwide. As the Salesforce platform evolves and its capabilities expand, the need for talented, experienced Salesforce admins and developers becomes even more dire. Consequently, Salesforce recruiting is becoming a critical task for many organizations.

And along with that demand for Salesforce talent comes a shift in the perception of Salesforce admins and developers. They are in demand — and they know it. Coupled with shifting expectations and perceptions of the employer/candidate relationship, Salesforce recruiting in the 21st century is rapidly evolving to meet the needs of both candidates and organizations.

To help you understand best practices and changes affecting Salesforce recruiting in the 21st century, and to navigate those changes in order to attract and recruit exceptional Salesforce admins and developers for your organization, we have prepared this guide.

This guide will examine the following aspects of Salesforce recruiting:

  1. What are Salesforce recruitment agencies?
  2. Why should I work with Salesforce recruitment agencies
  3. What should I look for/avoid in Salesforce recruitment agencies
  4. What are some best practices when working with Salesforce recruitment agencies?

1. What are Salesforce recruiting agencies? Depending on the size and industry of your business, you may have worked with a recruitment agency, also referred to as a staffing firm or any combination of the two, in the past.

According to the American Staffing Association, there are more than 20,000 staffing firms in the United States alone. Those firms may claim to service all industries and all types of candidates, or they may specialize. Here are some of the more common types of staffing firms: General Staffing Firms These firms tend to focus on volume, servicing a range of business across a variety of locations and industries. General Staffing Firms tend to focus on many administrative, manufacturing, customer service/call center and other common jobs. In many instances, General Staffing Firms support one metro area (larger General Staffing Firms with multiple locations may service the local areas with various offices). These offices may place employees in temp, temp-to-permanent, or direct hire positions. Executive Staffing Agencies Executive Staffing Agencies are specialized firms that provide C-level executives to a range of organizations. These are direct hire, permanent roles. IT & Engineering Staffing Firms As the demand for talented IT and engineering talent increases, the options for IT and engineering staffing firms has increased as well. These staffing firms may focus on one metro area, or may service clients across the country (this can also vary depending on the number of locations owned and operated by the firm or franchise).

These firms tend to place many general developers and IT network professionals, as well as a range of engineers. Due to the flexible nature of technical projects, IT and Engineering Staffing Firms may place technical talent in temp, temp-to-permanent, or direct hire positions. Salesforce Recruiting Agencies As a highly specialized subset of IT Staffing Firms, Salesforce Recruiting Agencies like Tech2 Resources recruit a very specific subset of technical talent: Salesforce talent. Candidates placed by Salesforce Recruiting Agencies may include Salesforce Admins, Salesforce Developers and more.

Due to the highly specialized nature of Salesforce recruiting, Salesforce Recruitment Agencies like Tech2 work with client partners across the United States (and have strong relationships with a network of talent across the country as well).

Although most roles tend to be direct hire/full-time positions, Salesforce Recruiting Agencies can also provide Salesforce talent on a contract basis. How Can Salesforce Recruiting Agencies Can Help Your Business The best Salesforce Recruiting Agencies possess unique knowledge of Salesforce, the talent marketplace, and the recruiting tactics that will best reach and engage these talented, discerning Salesforce professionals.

HR departments today are burned out. They are overwhelmed with internal HR and general recruiting functions, and it’s nearly impossible to convey the unique skills and requirements needed for Salesforce talent to thrive within an organization to an HR professional or recruiter who does not understand the landscape and intricacies of the platform.

In a majority of cases, staffing and recruiting agencies employ recruiters who seek candidates across a range of disciplines and industries. Admin, light industrial, manufacturing and tech are just a sampling of the types of roles a standard staffing and recruiting agency may seek.

Among IT staffing and recruiting agencies, there are literally hundreds of specialities and roles that could fall under that umbrella. It is unlikely the average “IT” staffing and recruiting agency, including an IT staffing and recruiting agency you may be working with, has placed a Salesforce admin or developer. If they have, they are unlikely to have close relationships with a range of Salesforce talent across the country. There are two (2) key reasons for this:

  1. A vast majority of general or IT staffing agencies simply do not have the relationships and expertise to consistently connect with and engage highly specialized Salesforce talent.
  2. Most General Staffing Firms (and even IT firms) work solely in volume, and spend most of their time filling common, everyday roles.

Standard IT staffing and recruiting agencies may produce results for a variety of tech and engineering roles; however, when it comes to recruiting Salesforce admins and developers, they come up short.

Salesforce recruiting agencies like Tech2 Resources have strong relationships with a large network of Salesforce admins and developers across the country. We understand their skills, their backgrounds, and what they’re looking for in employers and jobs. We are Salesforce experts. And we make life significantly easier for your HR department. The team at Tech2 Resources is in the unique position of knowing and understanding Salesforce as well as we understand recruiting. This means we can technically screen candidates and only present the best-fit talent for your needs. As a result, when we refer Salesforce admins and developers to you, they are exact matches for your hiring profiles. This is a game changer for many organizations! 2. Why should I work with Salesforce recruitment agencies? During our introduction to Salesforce Recruiting Agencies above, we discussed the “what” and “why” of Salesforce Recruitment Agencies. Now, let’s dig deeper to examine the copious benefits of working with a specialized Salesforce Recruitment Agency like Tech2 Resources. If you scan the headlines at all, you’ll see that Salesforce is dominating its space. As more organizations scramble to implement and optimize Salesforce, Salesforce professionals are in demand. You better believe they know they’re in demand too! Competition is fierce for Salesforce admins and developers, and unless your organization offers a compelling reason (or reasons) to jump ship, they are unlikely to consider your jobs.

They are also unlikely to actively search for new positions. Which means your battle for Salesforce talent is much more demanding than your battle for other types of talent (even technical talent).

Salesforce talent today needs you to earn their interest and develop their trust in order to fill job openings. But that can be difficult to achieve when most Salesforce talent isn’t even looking for your jobs!

Businesses that choose a specialized Salesforce recruitment agency like Tech2 Resources for their Salesforce recruiting are often thrilled at the level of interest and engagement from candidates who meet with them for interviews.

With apathy toward employers and jobs, employers frequently share with us that it is incredibly rare to find engaged Salesforce candidates who want to meet with them and learn more about their opportunities.

But here at Tech2 Resources, we deliver highly engaged, talented Salesforce candidates for every interview. We’re able to deliver this consistently, because our team understands what Salesforce talent is looking for today. We understand your organization and why it’s a desirable place to work. And we sell your opportunity and your business to candidates before they ever make it to your interview.

We learn as much as possible about your company and its culture, and we dig deep into your job descriptions, pulling out the important details we know candidates will want to hear. Candidates know exactly what’s in it for them, and they are as excited about you as you are about them! Save HR considerable time We touched upon the struggles HR faces each day in the previous section, but highlighting the challenges in your HR department bears another mention. That’s because hiring takes considerable time and effort. Your HR department is working with department heads to craft the perfect job descriptions, they are spending time publishing your Salesforce openings to the right job boards, they’re sifting through resumes (many of which are unqualified or underqualified for the roles), then they’re calling and scheduling phone screens, scheduling in-person interviews…

It’s no wonder your human resources department is burned out. And think of all the roles they’re responsible for filling, in addition to internal HR responsibilities! When you consider the full range of tasks that is on HR’s plate aside from recruiting, plus the additional positions currently being recruited, well, saving some time can help your HR department operate much more efficiently. Reduce your hiring costs Save time, save money. Time is money. ALL of those old phrases are repeated ad nauseum for a reason.

They’re correct.

Not only are the tasks associated with finding and recruiting Salesforce talent cumbersome when it comes to time and effort, if you make a mistake and hire the wrong candidate, the costs are magnified.

When a poor hire is made, your recruiting dollars (direct and through time/payroll of your HR staff), training and onboarding costs and lost productivity add up. Then, add the next phase of recruiting dollars to find that person’s replacement.

Partnering with a Salesforce Recruiting Agency means gaining swift access to highly refined talent that has been screened, likely has a personal relationship with the firm, and that wants to be with your company. Any fees from your Salesforce Recruiting Agency are quickly offset by the time and cost avoided going through the process again. Connecting time and cost isn’t rocket science, but it’s a compelling argument for working with Salesforce Recruitment Agencies. Every business wants to save time and money. Partnering with a Salesforce Recruitment Agency is a powerful move that can save you significantly while increasing the quality of your Salesforce hires. Reach better talent Back to the topic of poor-fit hires, the ability to reach the highest quality of Salesforce talent cannot be underestimated. Knowing and understanding Salesforce, and being entrenched in the Salesforce community, is a powerful way to increase the size and quality of our network of Salesforce admins and developers. Here at Tech2 Resources, we value the relationships we’ve built in the Salesforce community over the years. Our Salesforce candidates know we’ll only refer them to opportunities that meet their needs, their goals and their wants. Businesses know that we value our talent and treat our candidates well, which means they in turn get better, more engaged talent to fill their Salesforce openings.

It’s a simple formula, but one that is incredibly powerful. And it delivers exceptional results for our clients (as well as our Salesforce candidates!). Depending on the size of your organization (plus many other factors), you may not have a reason to yourself become invested in the Salesforce community. You may find yourself looking for Salesforce talent infrequently, at best.

This can affect your reputation with Salesforce talent, and have a negative impact on your ability to recruit top talent. If you’re not frequently hiring Salesforce admins or developers, many of the most talented Salesforce professionals may not have heard of your company!

Talent today — especially Salesforce talent in demand — is often leery of applying for positions if they don’t know and feel comfortable with who you are, what you can offer that is worth their time and consideration and how you treat your employees. A Salesforce Recruiting Agency like Tech2 has spent years building strong relationships with Salesforce admins and developers across the US. We’ve worked with hundreds of Salesforce developers and admins and have successfully placed them with exceptional companies that value their contributions.

When you share with us your needs, we know just who to call (or how to reach even more candidates in the space) — and because we’ve built strong relationships in the Salesforce community, they answer those calls. They are interested in you and what you have to offer. Enhance your company’s reputation and build better candidate relationships The ebb and flow of the talent market currently places talent in the position of power. The battle for Salesforce talent is even more competitive than that for tech or even general talent! There are a few things many organizations do that are major turn offs for Salesforce admins and developers:

  • They take way too long during the hiring process,
  • they don’t communicate with candidates and let them know what’s going on, and
  • they simply don’t keep Salesforce candidates engaged throughout the process.

These mistakes befall many businesses. With so many mission-critical tasks, the hiring process often falls to the wayside and bears the brunt of an overburdened HR department. But the ramifications of these mistakes add up quickly. Who has the time and money to overhaul their hiring process? Particularly when they need Salesforce talent now?!

Salesforce Recruitment Agencies like Tech2 Resources eliminate your burden of engaging candidates. We are constantly engaging talent and keeping them in the loop about your hiring process. If we need more information to keep candidates engaged and excited about your opportunity, we’ll connect with you to ensure candidates have the information they need. That means that when you’re ready to make a decision, the candidate is ready to accept! Refresh and turn around stalled recruiting methods In many organizations, the recruiting process is formalized, with little variation or evolution over the years. The notion that, if it’s not broken, why fix it, is pretty common. Except, how do you know if it’s broken? For many organizations, they don’t know that their recruiting methods are broken until they find themselves in precarious situations. There are several signs that your Salesforce recruiting methods aren’t working anymore, including:

  • You’re not getting as many resumes submitted to your Salesforce job openings
  • You’re getting too many (often unqualified) resumes submitted to your Salesforce job openings
  • The candidates you select to fill your Salesforce openings are turning down your offers

If these warning signs have appeared, or are starting to appear, within your organization, working with Salesforce recruitment agencies like Tech2 Resources can help you identify the issues and turn them around, while providing you top Salesforce talent to fill your openings. 3. What should I look for/avoid in with Salesforce recruiting agencies? Now that you understand how Salesforce Recruitment Agencies like Tech2 Resources can positively impact your business and its ability to find and land top Salesforce talent, let’s examine the traits to seek (and avoid) in potential firms. What to look for when considering Salesforce Recruitment Agencies Leadership Strong leadership is indicative of a strong partner in just about any industry. It’s especially true when you are considering Salesforce Recruitment Agencies. There are a few factors to consider when thinking about leadership in potential Salesforce recruiting partners:

  • History with Salesforce. A long history recruiting for Salesforce positions and working with Salesforce talent often suggests potential Salesforce Recruitment Agencies will have stronger networks of talent.
  • History and experience recruiting. Understanding Salesforce is critical, but without a strong foundation and understanding in the latest recruiting trends, techniques and tools, it can be difficult to identify and recruit Salesforce talent in today’s market. Leadership from potential Salesforce recruiting partners should have a solid foundation in recruiting.
  • Accessibility. When it comes to finding talent for your Salesforce roles, your company and your needs should be a priority for everyone within that Salesforce Recruiting Agency. That especially includes leadership. While you should have the contact information of your recruiter or account manager, you should always have access to leadership as well.

History History and leadership tend to go side by side. A quick glance at the “Our Story” or “History” page on a prospective partner’s website can often provide insights into their history that can help you make a decision. Success Stories Any potential partner (Salesforce recruiting or otherwise!) should be able to provide you with examples of satisfied clients. Success stories provide proof of the capabilities and ability to deliver of prospective Salesforce recruiting partners.

Some Salesforce Recruitment Agencies will share these success stories on their websites, while others (including Tech2) may share them in their email newsletters. Still others may only present them while you are considering potential Salesforce recruiting partners.

If you are considering among Salesforce Recruitment Agencies and are not offered success stories for review, ask! What to avoid when considering Salesforce Recruitment Agencies Just as in any industry, it’s important to remember that not all Salesforce Recruitment Agencies are created equal. While there are traits you should seek in potential Salesforce recruiting partners, there are also some traits to avoid in Salesforce Recruitment Agencies, including:

  • Lack of communication. How you are treated by a potential partner before you are a client is indicative of how you will be treated if you become one. They should be going above and beyond to win your business! If a potential Salesforce recruiting partner communicates poorly and infrequently when they are supposed to be wooing you, it may be prudent to look elsewhere.
  • Unstable leadership. As in any industry, leadership can sometimes turn over in Salesforce Recruitment Agencies. That’s not always a negative indication, but it is one aspect of history to consider when research prospective partners.
  • Missing the details. It’s your Salesforce recruiting partner’s job to understand the intricacies of your business and its needs. If a prospective Salesforce Recruitment Agency is forgetting details about your business before earning your business, it could be a bad sign.

4. What are some best practices when working with Salesforce recruitment agencies? Choosing from Salesforce Recruitment Agencies to select a strategic partner (like Tech2 Resources) is an important task for your organization. Now that you’ve laid the foundation for a successful relationship, there are steps you can take to maximize your ROI on your Salesforce recruitment investment, including:

  • Keep your staff in the loop. You’ve taken the steps to choose a new strategic partner, now it’s important to ensure you are leveraging the relationship to the max! Although most hiring goes through HR in many organizations, department heads and other team members may initiate hiring protocol on occasion. That’s why it’s important you share the news of your partnership with your staff, along with contact information, so that they can reach Tech2 (or your preferred partner) directly to expedite the process of finding and hiring new Salesforce talent.
  • Focus on communication. Don’t forget, Tech2 Resources is your partner. That means we are here to provide Salesforce talent, but also to give your business a strategic edge over the competition. We know that you’re busy focusing on your mission-critical tasks, but we’ll also be checking in regularly for updates on your organization and its goals, and in particular, when we are working to find you new Salesforce talent. To best leverage your new relationship, it’s important that you maintain that line of communication whenever possible.
  • Be honest. At every stage of the process, be honest with your Salesforce recruiting partner. Whether it’s about your hiring plans, what you like or dislike about a candidate…anything at all, be 100% open and honest. You’re investing in this partnership, and equipping your partner with as much information as possible will enable that partner to do the best job possible.

Conclusion It is our hope that with this guide, you understand how and why working with Salesforce Recruiting Agencies can benefit your organization. We hope that you know what to look for, and what to avoid, in potential partners, and how to get the most value out of your partnership.

To experience first-hand the benefits of working with a trusted Salesforce recruitment partner, contact our Founder and President, Phil Gugliotta, personally. Phil, and every member of the Tech2 Resources team, is here to help your organization maximize its investment in Salesforce talent. To make life easier for your HR department and your department heads. And ultimately, to impact the success of your business.

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