The Impact of Salesforce Industry Specific Expertise in Finance

The Impact of Salesforce Industry Specific Expertise – Finance

The Impact of Salesforce Industry Specific Expertise – Finance

Salesforce professionals with a background in finance possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of financial markets, products, and operations. This specialized knowledge strengthens their impact and influences their approach to Salesforce implementations and support.  Here are a few quick examples:

Compliance and Regulatory Integration

Finance professionals understand the critical importance of keeping up with compliance and regulations, such as CFPB, Basel III, and FINRA guidelines.

Practical Example:

Our client needed to assure that their Salesforce Org could help them adhere to the ever-changing world of compliance and regulation.  We placed a Salesforce financial expert who implemented and maintained Financial Services Cloud.  Now their Org showed real-time alerts and notifications for any compliance issues or violations and had dashboards and reports for compliance performance and risk assessment, ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates.

Trading and Portfolio Management Integration

Professionals with finance backgrounds understand the complexities of trading workflows and portfolio management.

Practical Example:

One of our clients needed to track real-time market data and execute trades through Salesforce. We placed a full-time Salesforce specialist with finance expertise who set up seamless integrations with trading platforms like Bloomberg and Schwab.

Advanced Financial Reporting

A Salesforce professional with finance experience is well-versed in creating complex reports and dashboards tailored to the needs of financial firms. They understand key performance indicators (KPIs), such as ROI, AUM, and portfolio performance, enabling them to design insightful financial reports.

Practical Example:

One of our Wealth Management clients had Advisors who needed reports to track the performance of investment portfolios for their high-net-worth clients. They didn’t have someone who could get that reporting done quickly. We found them a Salesforce specialist with finance expertise who was familiar with financial terminology and the types of reports that are common (portfolio returns, risk metrics, asset allocation).  The impact for the advisors was immediate and this created confidence that they could rely on their Salesforce Admin and the platform itself.

Salesforce professionals with finance experience bring a unique skill set to the table. Their ability to create advanced financial reports, ensure regulatory compliance, develop risk management solutions, and integrate with trading platforms is invaluable for finance companies. Knowing the vernacular and tendencies allows them to communicate with stakeholders and users more effectively, improving user adoption.  This combination of technical proficiency and industry-specific knowledge leads to more successful Salesforce implementations and improved financial operations. 

For more information or if you’re looking for a Salesforce Financial expert, please visit our Financial Page to learn more about our process and the Financial companies we have helped along the way.

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