Unhappy with your staffing vendors? Try this

So many companies are struggling to find, attract, and actually onboard Salesforce talent right now. It makes sense that you’d turn to a staffing vendor for help; however, your experiences with them can vary greatly. In fact, we frequently hear from clients who were unhappy with their previous staffing vendors.

There are steps you can take to prevent being unhappy with your staffing vendors

Preventing unhappy staffing vendor relationships and most importantly, poor results, is absolutely possible. Here is some of our favorite advice to help you choose the right staffing vendors to help you reach your Salesforce recruiting goals:

Better vet potential staffing vendors.

Better vetting of your staffing vendors can save an awful lots of headaches, cost, and lost productivity. With so much pressure to deliver Salesforce and other professionals yesterday, it can be tempting to accept an offer of help from potential staffing vendors who call.

But, taking the time to better assess those staffing vendors — even just on the initial discovery call — can make a huge difference in your experience and results. You can take it pretty far, asking for references and elongating the process. Or, you can simply be sure to ask some thorough questions during that initial call to get a better feeling for the capabilities, honesty, and ability to deliver among prospective partners.

Build a process to regularly assess (and cut ties with) your staffing vendors.

Even with the best of intentions, it’s hard to remember things that aren’t on your calendar. After all, you’re extremely busy. But, carving out time to regularly assess your staffing vendors (and cut ties with those who are falling short) can help prevent inefficiencies and poor results from your partners.

It’s important to define what success looks like with a staffing vendor. Time to fill? Ratings of candidates? Communication? More? All of the above? Define the parameters, then regularly assess your vendors to ensure they’re delivering on their promises, and are delivering the results that you need (and deserve).

Speak up – demand more and better from your staffing vendors.

Even aside from formal assessments, it’s important to hold your staffing partners accountable. If a result is subpar, let them know what and why. If you’re not receiving the level of service you expect, bring it up.

If your feedback or requests aren’t met with hearty apologies and a clear plan for fixing any problems and making sure they don’t happen again, it may be prudent to cut ties before your formal assessments are coming up. After all, your company can’t afford consistently poor results (and experiences).

Choose to partner with one specialized staffing partner.

Rather than building a pool of “staffing vendors” and letting them all work on the same reqs, the most agile and satisfied staffing customers are those that partner strategically with specialized staffing firms.

Our clients choose to work with Tech2 because of our deep network and relationships with Salesforce developers, admins, architects and more. Because we understand not only the job requirements, but what it takes to thrive in a variety of environments. We deliver exceptional talent and exceptional experiences. You simply cannot get that same depth of understanding and specialized talent networks from a general staffing firm (even one that works solely in IT) that you can get with a truly specialized staffing firm.

We deliver exceptional experiences and results for our clients.

The entire team here at Tech2 Resources takes an immense level of pride in our ability to deliver for our clients. To learn more about how Tech2 can help you fill your Salesforce openings, contact us today.

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