Warning Signs to Look Out For in a Salesforce Staffing Firm

The circumstances leading up to the search for a Salesforce staffing and recruiting firm may be vastly different from company to company. Perhaps you are scaling up your team of Salesforce developers or admins and your current HR department doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle the increased needs. Maybe your current staffing firm is no longer able to meet your needs or hasn’t been consistently delivering exceptional talent. Your internal team doesn’t have the depth of candidates you can find with a specialized Salesforce staffing firm. Benefits of a Salesforce staffing firm Whatever the reason, choosing a specialized Salesforce staffing firm can make a dramatic difference on your recruiting process, including:

  • Reduction in cost per hire
  • Increase in productivity
  • Better talent
  • Access to more talent

Just to name a few! But perhaps we should amend our earlier statement. There are tremendous benefits to working with the right Salesforce staffing firm. Notice the difference? A staffing partner can help you, but the right Salesforce staffing firm can transform your business. Look out for these warning signs in a potential Salesforce staffing firm While considering and talking to potential Salesforce staffing firms, keep an eye out for these warning signs:

  • Lack of communication. If a firm doesn’t go above and beyond to win your business before you’re their client, it doesn’t bode well for how you’ll be treated after you’re there client. Salesforce staffing firms should be putting forth their best effort to EARN your business! If you’re getting any less, it may make sense to look elsewhere.
  • Unstable leadership. In a lot of ways, staffing is a pretty transient business. Some turnover among recruiters and account representatives is to be expected. Considerable turnover among executive leadership; however, may be a sign of instability and lack of direction within an organization.
  • Forgetfulness. This comes back to the notion of earning your business. If, during early conversations about a potential partnership, a Salesforce staffing representative asks the same questions over and over, they likely aren’t prioritizing your business and its needs. Asking questions is a critical part of the process for any firm, repeatedly asking for the same details now may mean forgetfulness about important details when it comes to finding your Salesforce talent.

Here is what the right Salesforce staffing firm will do instead The above examples are clear signs it’s time to look elsewhere for a potential Salesforce staffing firm. But in such a specific niche, how can you know where else to look for help with your Salesforce staffing and recruiting needs? Either during your own research or during your early conversations, here is the information you should seek or ask for when considering potential Salesforce staffing firms:

  • Referrals. An established, successful Salesforce staffing firm should happily provide you referrals of current or past, happy clients. While testimonials in writing are nice, ask for contact information whenever possible. Don’t be shy about reaching out and asking questions about the experience working with that Salesforce staffing firm, the quality of talent, and any other criteria that is important to you and your business.
  • Stability. The staffing industry is booming at the moment, and a crop of new firms have been established recently. If stability in a partner is important to you (particularly if you’re looking to build a long-term relationship), you may want to factor in the length and history of a staffing firm. Aside from stability within the organization itself, you may also consider stability among leadership, recruiters and other employees in the company, depending on what is most important to you.
  • Genuine interest. As with any industry, the staffing industry leans heavily on systems. With databases of hundreds or even thousands of candidates and a range of clients, systems and technology help Salesforce staffing firms provide you with the best talent and experience. In some instances; however, Salesforce staffing firms may rely so heavily on technology and systems that they forget to treat you like a person, or to treat your company as an important partner. Technology and efficiency should never come at the expense of a valued partnership. Your Salesforce staffing partner should be genuinely interested in and passionate about your own goals. There really isn’t a way to qualify or quantify this point; however, it is something you can definitely tell “with your gut.”

Considering a new Salesforce staffing firm? It’s not as hard as you might think to find a Salesforce staffing firm who fits the bill. While we might be biased, the team at Tech2 is comprised of passionate, eager, knowledgeable Salesforce recruiting experts. We care about our clients and candidates, and believe that helps us deliver exceptional results, time and time again.

We’d love to get to know your business. Contact us now to schedule a call.

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