What Does Work/Life Balance Mean To You?

A FAQ that our recruiting team is asked by candidates during the hiring process is about work/life balance. The basic answer is balancing work and personal life with equal measure. But when we thought more in-depth about the topic, that balance looks different for everyone. To some that can mean working a hybrid job, while others that can mean two weeks of PTO.  

We wanted honest answers from real people and not just multiple definitions you can find on the internet from different websites. Who better to ask than our own team? Look at what the members of the Tech2 Team had to say and decide for yourself what it truly means! 

Work/life balance according to the Tech2 Team: 

“I believe work/life balance is having a healthy understanding and mutual respect of everyone’s time. When it is time to work you are under the employer’s. When there is time off or weekends it is understood that is the employee’s personal time. Unless there is a reasonable need, clients, proposal deadlines, etc. Tech2 does a very good job of displaying this.” – Emily McLaughlin,

“The ability to feel like I have a life outside of work. Having flexibility for when things come up and having a boss who understands that personal time is necessary.”- Jerod Shoenthaler 

“Working a normal amount of hours so that it doesn’t interfere with important personal events or quality family time. Being happy in your job and personal life leads to a better quality of life, making you perform better in all aspects. Respect of time is also important.” – Sydney Staunton 

“To me, work/life balance means that I’m not stressed out or staying up late, focused on work. You need to have the time to pursue personal interests while still maintaining your professional interests”- Meredith Cox 

“I think work/like balance means you have a boss/manager/supervisor who understands and appreciates the trials and celebrations of your personal life. If a company is doing a good job at boosting morale, supporting career growth and creating trust through transparency, then the work part becomes part of the life balance. Whether you are in a position that needs to report into an office or not, you’ll find satisfaction.” – Nancy Gugliotta 

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