What top Salesforce talent is looking for in contract opportunities

While we’re certainly in an unprecedented time right now, with millions of Americans looking for work, competition for exceptional talent will always be fierce. We’re seeing this play out significantly with Salesforce talent.

As organizations continue to look for ways to maximize their talent and tech stack ROI, they need experienced Salesforce developers and admins. But what is Salesforce talent looking for in contract opportunities today?

Here’s a rundown of some of the requests we’re hearing consistently from Salesforce developers and admins right now:

Competitive Pay

This one will NEVER go out of style. But particularly in an uncertain economy, top Salesforce talent is looking for competitive pay. We’ve seen some employers try to lowball pay offers lately, assuming that with so many professionals out of work, they’ll settle for a lower pay rate.

We definitely don’t recommend this course of action. As I mentioned previously, top talent is always in demand, and if your company isn’t willing to pay a competitive rate, rest assured that your competition is more than willing to step up.

To truly land exceptional talent who will help you maximize ROI in not only your talent investment, but your Salesforce investment, you’ll need to be sure you’re paying a competitive rate. If you’re not sure what’s considered competitive based on the role, your area and other factors, we can help.

Consistent Communication

Whether it’s during the hiring process or while they are on assignment, top Salesforce talent expects you to keep them in the loop. Of course, when our clients partner with Tech2 to find Salesforce developers and admins, we do much of the communicating for you.

That being said, contractors and temps are an extended part of your team. While you communicate with your full-time employees, consider whether or not it would benefit your contractors to be included.

Particularly in today’s uneasy environment, Salesforce contractors want to know what’s going on, and how it may impact them. Pausing to be sure they’re included when it makes sense is a strong talent strategy.

Clear expectations

Similarly, exceptional Salesforce talent wants clear expectations when it comes to your organization. Starting with the hiring process and throughout their time with your organization, it’s especially important to set clear expectations.

When I say clear expectations, that actually includes a couple of key areas, including:

> Time in the “office.” Whether they’ll be working with you on site or in many cases, working remotely, it’s important to set up front expectations about availability and when Salesforce contractors are expected to be actively working.

> Communication. If you want/expect to hear from your Salesforce contractors with daily or weekly updates, or any other form of communication, be sure to clearly set that expectation up front.

> Deliverables. Whether your contractor will be working on a specific, closed-ended project or on an ongoing basis, make it clear what deliverables, milestones and results you expect from your Salesforce contractors. To the previous point, also be sure to solicit feedback and communication from your contractors if they feel a lack of direction or otherwise need more clarity from you. As long as contractors know that you’re “door is open,” so to speak, they’re much more likely to be understanding if something isn’t clear or is missing.

In uncertain times, the right strategic partners make all the difference.

Here at Tech2, we take pride in understanding your business, and how the right Salesforce talent can dramatically impact ROI. We are Salesforce experts, and our extensive network of talent located throughout the U.S. is ready and excited to come work for you.

To talk to us about your Salesforce hiring needs, or to learn more about how we can help your business, contact me personally. Our team is here to help!

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