Why you should obtain your Salesforce certification

Have you worked in Salesforce for years but never obtained a certification?

Though you may be a self-proclaimed Salesforce whiz, there is so much to be gained through certification. Here’s why you should obtain your Salesforce certification ASAP.

  • Fills in knowledge gaps. You may know everything you need to know about the intersection of your specific job and Salesforce. But what happens when your company launches a new system or update or changes personnel and now you have to know more? You could wait and try to learn on the job as you go or you can get certified and prove to your manager and your team that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to handle any changes that come your way. Salesforce certifications force you to learn the ins and outs in the system and not just the ones central to your job function.
  • Early adoption on releases. Instead of waiting for your company to update the three-times-a-year Salesforce releases, you can spearhead and implement early adoption because you are the certified, go-to resource on Salesforce. Staying connected in the Trailblazer community will help reinforce this as well.
  • Increases efficiency. Inherently with real-world training and experience, you learn how to do things. That doesn’t mean you learn how to do things well or efficiently and often times, you get stuck in that same inefficient process while doing your job. By becoming Salesforce certified, you learn concepts and best practices as building blocks that coupled with real-world experience, can obtain true software mastery.
  • Standardizes your skills. It is one thing to say you have experience working in Salesforce, but it is another thing to be able to show it through a certification. Certifications standardize skills and knowledge and display competences. When you become certified, you show that you have the technical skills that along with your real-life experience, make you an extremely valuable employee or job candidate.
  • Investment in yourself. By taking the time and energy to become Salesforce certified, you are showing dedication to improving yourself and your career. Even if you want to stay in your current role forever, a certification shows your manager that you are committed to doing your job well and helping your company increase their return on investment. And if you are considering moving to another position or company entirely, hiring managers like to see credentials. Salesforce certifications set you apart from other candidates and in many instances, are required for the job.

There is so much value in a Salesforce certification. Even if you are not in a marketing, sales, IT, or CRM role, if you use Salesforce regularly as part of your job, there are concrete and proven benefits to becoming Salesforce certified. We work with professionals every day, in all walks of life, who became certified and had new doors opened for them. Why wait? This could be you.

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