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Working with us has a number of advantages when searching for top Salesforce Admin talent. Here are some advantages:

Our Staffing firm offers access to a vast network of prospects, even those who are not actively seeking employment. This may boost the likelihood of discovering exceptional Salesforce Admin candidates who may not be prominent on job boards or social media.

We have expertise and experience in locating, screening, and assessing Salesforce Administrator candidates. This information is needed to choose the ideal candidate for your business.

By partnering with us, your firm may save time and resources throughout the recruiting process. We manage the whole recruiting process, from sourcing and vetting individuals to organizing interviews and extending job offers.

We can source for permanent, temporary or contract-to-hire employment options, enabling businesses to recruit Salesforce Administrators for short-term projects or check the candidate’s compatibility before making a long-term commitment.

We offer industry insights and can advise you on market trends and salary expectations. This information may assist your company in making educated recruiting choices for Salesforce Administrators.

Benefits Of Hiring Salesforce Administrator


A Salesforce administrator can assist you in making changes to the platform to suit the particular requirements of your company.

Improved Productivity

By automating and streamlining corporate operations, a Salesforce Administrator may help you save time and effort while carrying out everyday duties. Your organization's productivity may rise as a result

Data Management

Salesforce offers a single place for handling customer and corporate data, which results in improved data management. Making better educated business choices will be possible thanks to a Salesforce Administrator's assistance in ensuring that your data is correct, full, and current.

Improved Reporting & Analytics

A Salesforce Administrator can assist you with setting up and customizing reports and dashboards, giving you the data you need to make wise choices.

Better Customer Relationships

A Salesforce Administrator may assist you with configuring and customizing CRM technologies, integration management, enabling you to enhance customer satisfaction and provide better customer service.

Cost Savings

A Salesforce Administrator may assist you in lowering expenses and increasing efficiency, which will result in cost savings for your company by automating and simplifying business operations.

What You Should Know About The Salesforce Admin Role

What is the Role of a Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Administrator is responsible for administering and maintaining the Salesforce CRM platform, guaranteeing its optimum performance and functionality.

They collaborate with salesforce developers, sales and marketing teams to create and execute customer relationship management, process automation, and data analysis strategies.

Salesforce Admin Salary

According to Salesforce Ben, as of the year 2023, the average salary for Salesforce Admins is $103k for Entry level, and $131k for Senior level.

In addition to salary, Salesforce Administrators may also receive bonuses, profit sharing, and commission.

For example, according to Payscale research, the average bonus for a Salesforce Administrator is $1k – $11k, the average profit sharing is $509 – $11k, and the average commission is $5k – $22k. The amounts may vary depending on the company, location and other factors. 

Main Responsibilities of a Salesforce Administrator:

  • Adapting and configuring the Salesforce platform to suit business requirements.
  • Creating and maintaining user accounts and profiles, as well as offering user assistance.
  • Designing and executing business process automation workflows and procedures.
  • Developing and updating reports and dashboards to deliver company performance insights.
  • Maintaining the quality and integrity of data, including data input, export, and cleaning.
  • Providing data security and regulatory and policy compliance.
  • Working with developers to design and execute connectors and modifications.
  • Training and supporting users to achieve platform uptake and use.


Essential Qualifications for a Salesforce Administrator Role:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, or a similar subject.
  • Certifications for Salesforce Administrators, such as Salesforce Certified Administrator and Advanced Administrator.
  • Good grasp of the functioning and setup of Salesforce.
  • Expertise with CRM and data management systems.
  • Solid analytic and problem-solving abilities
  • Strong interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • Capability to operate independently and collaboratively.


Necessary Skills Required of a Salesforce Administrator:

  • Salesforce configuration and customisation.
  • Data management and modification.
  • Automation of processes and workflow design.
  • Report and dashboard management and development.
  • Compliance and security management.
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Training and assistance.

Our Talent Maximizer Methodology

Our unique  Talent Maximizer is a methodical, 6-step systemized process that secures the Top 15% of Salesforce specialized talent.

1. Scope

We scope your requirements for the best candidate fit, considering interpersonal and soft skills to specific Salesforce expertise.​

2. Search

We've mapped the entire US Salesforce talent pool and ensure a steady stream of the most talented professionals.

3. Screen

Our recruiting experts select the best-fit candidates for the organization, considering technical skills, cultural fit, and background.

4. Present

We present 3-4 of the top Salesforce candidates to you with an overview of their background and credentials.

5. Reference Check

We will provide professional reference checks as requested through the interview and offer stage.

6. Secure

We’ve work closely with you and you chosen candidate to negotiate terms for a long-lasting, positive professional relationship.

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