6 FREE Ways to Sharpen Your Salesforce Admin Skills

Salesforce Admins >> or “Awesome Admins” as they are often and deservedly called, are called to wear many hats in an organization. Within an organization or department, a Salesforce Admin can be called upon to act in a variety of capacities, including business analysis, CRM administration, Salesforce expert and more.

No pressure!

The Tech2 team loves interacting with and learning about the “Awesome Admins” making an impact on organizations across the US. We’re proud to match them with rewarding, dynamic jobs at some of the best companies in the country.

But with the need for many hats comes the need to constantly learn and grow. The most successful Salesforce Admins are constantly expanding their skills and learning about the latest technologies. To help you up your Admin game and stay on top of the latest, we’ve compiled some of the best FREE resources available for Salesforce Admins:

If you’re looking to ramp up your Salesforce Admin skills

    • Salesforce Trailhead Salesforce coins Trailhead “the fun way to learn Salesforce.” Last month, Salesforce announced Trailhead had reached 200,000 users, and with good reason => Trailhead provides custom “paths” for you to take in order to advance your Salesforce Admin career.
      • Salesforce: Best Practices for Administrators – Salesforce University includes some excellent classes, workshops and other trainings, but at a pretty steep cost. This one-sheet resource from Salesforce includes links to free resources that help you bring your ‘A’ game to your Salesforce Admin role.
        • Salesforce Success Community – The Salesforce community extends across the globe and includes some incredibly talented and intelligent Admins. Salesforce Success Community provides you with an opportunity to learn from your peers (and share your own knowledge with other Admins). If you’re struggling with a particular challenge, asking a question in the Community is likely to get you some excellent insight and tips.
          • Salesforce “Cheat Sheets” – These printouts are a great resource to hang in your cubicle and keep on hand for quick reference.
            • FindSF.info – All of us tyipcally turn to Google with our questions, hoping to get quick results. Have you ever typed in a question and wished you could just get Salesforce-related results? FindSF.info provides 100% Salesforce-related results to make your searches more efficient.
              • PermComparator – Auditing profiles or permission sets can be a pain for Salesforce Admins, so any tool that makes the process easier is most welcomed! PermComparator makes this process much easier for Admins, and should be bookmarked on your computer for sure.

It’s a great time to be a Salesforce Admin >> Take advantage of these resources to simplify your workday and advance your career. And when you’re ready, we have a range of Salesforce Admin jobs with great companies across the US. Search our available jobs now or contact us to learn more.

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