How to leverage recruiters to make your biggest career jump yet

We’re talking a lot lately about how to take advantage of one of the best candidate markets for Salesforce professionals that we’ve seen in our lifetimes. You’re likely getting bombarded with calls from recruiters nowadays. In fact, it may seem like an awful lot. And there’s a lot to consider. Not all recruiters are created equal. Who can you trust? Which jobs are really worth making a move?

Recruiters can be a powerful tool as you map our your Salesforce career goals

When you choose the right recruiter, the impact on your career in both the short and long run can be extremely powerful. More money. Better work environments. Career progression. So, how do you best leverage recruiters to make your biggest career jump yet? Here’s some simple advice. Recruiters can help you…

Identify which strengths are most attractive to employers

Although your skills and experience are in high demand, it’s important to be sure you’re positioning yourself appropriately. Employers are often still considering multiple candidates, so it’s imperative you do everything you can to stand out and look like the best candidate for a desirable position.

The right recruiters are skilled at reviewing your resume and talking to you to learn about what makes you truly stand out. Plus, they know what employers are looking for, so they can best position your strengths to ensure employers will do everything they can to make you a great offer.

Best position your background to land the best pay

In a way, recruiters are like your own personal branding or marketing firm. Part of their job is to best position your background, experience, and accomplishments so that employers are willing to offer you top compensation.

They can also help you negotiate when the time comes, to ensure you’re receiving the best-possible compensation package.

Submit you directly to employers for the jobs you want most

This one’s especially important. As we mentioned, the market is extremely hot right now. It can be hard to spot which opportunities are the ones that are really worth your time, and that align with your career goals. In talking with your recruiter, be sure to share any companies, roles, or even locations that are most desirable for you.

In some cases, your recruiter may actually be able to submit you directly to specific employers, or for specific roles that are on your wish list. The best recruiting firms have built relationships with the country’s most exciting and desirable employers. Oftentimes, they’re able to bypass the hassle you’d find trying to apply directly online and go right to hiring managers for the roles that interest you.

Save time applying to jobs online

Building on that last point, by using a recruiter — with whom you share your resume once (and who will often help you boost that resume to make it the most attractive to employers) — you can save a considerable amount of time. You know how long it takes searching through endless jobs on Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor – wherever! Then, uploading your resume and having to re-enter it into their ATS anyway (we’ve all been there!). Just one application could take you an hour to find and another hour to apply!

Working with a recruiter cuts through all the time-consuming, boring, and stressful work of finding a new, better job. And if you’re currently working full-time, that can be a HUGE lifesaver.

Looking for a new, better Salesforce developer, admin, or architect job?

Our team here at Tech2 Resources has built relationships with some of the country’s best employers. We’ll help you find the right job openings, at the best compensation available. And we’ll remove as much stress as possible from the whole process. To search our current openings, visit our job board.

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