How to prevent an onslaught of resumes from Salesforce talent

It’s incredible how quickly the story has flipped from a candidate-led market to one where employers have the upper hand. But while many will compare this hiring market to what we saw in the Great Recession a decade ago, there are so many differences.

For instance, Salesforce. The platform has grown substantially in the past 10 years, along with Salesforce talent. And expectations for candidate engagement. Top talent has high expectations for employers, even in a market with record-high unemployment. This is a sharp contrast to candidate expectations and hiring trends in 2008. How Salesforce and other tools integrate into our businesses has evolved. Everything has evolved.

So, while you most likely had a TON of resumes on your plate for every job opening in the late 2000s and early 2010s, you can’t exactly go back to how you handled things last decade as a blueprint for today. Here are two of our top tips for handling the onslaught of resumes you’re sure to encounter when posting a Salesforce admin or developer job right now.

1. Really work on your job postings and descriptions to land Salesforce talent.

The simplest way to ensure you only receive qualified candidates for your job openings is to make sure your Salesforce job postings and job descriptions are on point. When you hit that sweet spot, you weed out poor-fit candidates while simultaneously attracting top talent. What does a strong job posting look like, exactly?

> It accurately describes the job requirements. Now’s not the time to beat around the bush. If you require 5 years of experience and multiple certifications, clearly state that in your job posting. Otherwise, your recruiter will spend hours sifting through unqualified candidates to try and get to the qualified ones. And in the meantime, top talent is hearing from another employer. This is the simplest way to weed out a bulk of poor-fit candidates.

> It provides relevant details. Remember when I said about candidate expectations today. Exceptional talent isn’t going to waste their time with opportunities that aren’t a fit for them — regardless of the hiring market. Set realistic expectations for the work environment (eg. remote work, hybrid), provide a salary range, detail benefits, talk about the day to day on the job and more.

> They’re short and to the point. When you try to cram too much into your job postings, you make it less likely candidates see the important stuff (like those requirements I just mentioned). Keep them brief and only include what’s necessary to provide relevant information and sell top candidates on the position.

2. Partner with a specialized Salesforce recruiting partner.

The best and easiest way to get fewer resumes for your job openings is to….get fewer resumes for your job openings! In all seriousness, though, when you partner with a Salesforce recruiting firm, they will take on the work of vetting candidates, writing job postings, selling your company, and the rest of the “heavy lifting.”

With recruiters more taxed and stressed than ever, your Salesforce recruiting partner can save you significant time and ultimately, cost. And when you choose the right Salesforce recruiting partner, you gain instant access to a network of top Salesforce talent across the country.

Here at Tech2, we know our candidates well, and we’re exceptionally good at weeding out the top contenders who make the most sense for our clients’ openings. The process goes from hectic and stressful (in an already stressful time) to…simple. And in a time where it seems like nothing is simple anymore, that’s an especially big deal.

We are Salesforce recruiting experts.

We have an extensive network of Salesforce talent across the country, ready to jump in and get started for you now. From crafting job postings, to interviewing and vetting candidates and so much more, our team of Salesforce experts is here to help! Contact us today to learn more.

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