HR Should Be Meeting with New Salesforce Recruiting Partners – Here’s Why

There’s a popular meme floating around social media (especially LinkedIn) with the following phrase (or something like it): “We’ve always done it that way” is the most dangerous phrase in business. Whenever I see one of these posts, there tend to be plenty of comments along the lines of “Amen!” or “So true!”. Yet, many of us fail to really look at our businesses to examine where things could be changed and improved.

It’s hard to be constantly on the lookout for new processes or resources to try. And it can feel awfully burdensome to change things from what you’ve “always” done. But there is merit to that popular meme. That’s why so many individuals recognize it. Maybe it’s time for the groupthink mentality to make its way over to process improvement!

Specifically along the lines of HR and recruiting, it can be very difficult to implement change. New HR software can be costly, and migrating to a new system can be frustrating. Recruiting partners seem to do an okay job, but when you’re filling dozens or even hundreds of requisitions each month, it can be hard to really take a close look at whether your vendors are working effectively and efficiently, and ultimately, delivering the best results. Why HR should be meeting with new Salesforce recruiting partners Although it may not be top of mind right now, it makes sense to meet with new Salesforce recruiting partners. Here are two big reasons why: 1. Your current recruiting partners may not understand Salesforce. For simplicity’s sake, some HR departments work with the same vendor for all their recruiting needs, or perhaps one vendor for admin/clerical and one for IT. Unfortunately, a majority of general or IT staffing firms lack specific expertise and experience in Salesforce recruiting.

Salesforce has an extremely tight-knit community, and Salesforce admins and developers are in high demand right now as more organizations implement the platform. General and IT staffing firms are unlikely to have a strong network of Salesforce-specific talent. And they’re incredibly unlikely to find many Salesforce admins and developers with their resumes on popular sites like Indeed or Careerbuilder.

A Salesforce recruiting partner like Tech2 understands Salesforce and is embedded in the Salesforce community. They understand what it takes to thrive in specific roles and situations, and are adept at finding the right talent to meet a specific need. Here at Tech2, we have a wide network of talent across the country that trusts us to look out for their interests. They know that we only refer them for positions that match their backgrounds and goals, and for roles in companies that will help them excel. 2. A Salesforce recruiting partner understands how talent fits into your organization. In many cases, recruiting firms receive job descriptions, then rush out to find individuals who allow them to check some boxes and submit. While this may seem like a faster, better solution, in the long run it is much more costly.

Recruiting specialized Salesforce talent in this haphazard manner can result in poor fit candidates. Your HR department and Salesforce department heads don’t have time to spend on interviews with poor-fit talent. And worst-case scenario, you hire a candidate who is not ideal for the position, only to see that employee terminated or leave within a few months.

In the meantime, your organization loses productivity and potentially risks decreased morale. All of these add up to major losses for your organization. And you still have to go back to the drawing board to find a new Salesforce admin or developer!Salesforce recruiting firms like Tech2 understand Salesforce and the specific skills needed to thrive in a position. But they also understand how each role and individual fits into the bigger picture of your business. We’ll take into consideration more than just the job description when recruiting for Salesforce talent, providing strategic, best-fit talent for your openings.

That means fewer interviews, less stress, more productivity, and ultimately, better ROI. How could a Salesforce recruiting partner help your business?Contact me directly via email, or at 919-569-5570 to learn more.

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