Salesforce Admins Want More Than Salary and Benefits

Competition for top Salesforce admins is tough right now. Many aren’t actively looking for jobs, and organizations are scrambling to find and attract experienced, talented Salesforce admins for their openings.

While salary and traditional benefits like healthcare will always be important to a majority of Salesforce professionals, today’s Salesforce Admins aren’t fixated solely on salary. We partner every day with companies across the country to provide them with experienced, passionate, talented Salesforce Admins. They share with us their frustrations, what they’re looking for in employers, and what it will take for them to accept your job offers.

While specifics will vary depending on the specific role, company and candidate, here are five things that Salesforce admins value today:

1. Growth opportunities. That’s right, Salesforce admins (and all of your employees) want you to invest in their futures. Work with them to define career paths and offer ample opportunity for growth. That could include expanded roles, management, even learning opportunities (to advance their Salesforce skills, but also to develop leadership/mentoring skills, work on personal development, and more).

Look beyond the current job descriptions of your team (or your desired team members), and invest in your employees as complete people. Making this commitment (and taking action to fulfill it) will attract top Salesforce admins to your company (and keep them working for you in the long run).

2. Flexibility. Today’s workforce, including Salesforce admins, seeks flexibility. While we all seek balance in life, Millennials and Generation Z employees in particular tend to weave their personal and professional lives. As a result, they often seek flexible hours to get their work done.

Flexibility also extends to location. Remote work (full- or part-time), coworking, and other flexible arrangements are extremely desirable to Salesforce admins and other professionals.

3. Vacation. Vacation time is a standard benefit for just about every organization, but it may be time for you to revisit your vacation policy. Unlimited vacation time is becoming an increasingly common benefit, particularly among tech companies and in tech roles, where burnout is high.

If unlimited vacation seems impossible, consider expanding your vacation offering to make it more desirable for Salesforce admins who wish to take more time to balance out the demands of their jobs.

4. Student loan assistance. Research shows that 69% of debt held by 25- to 30-year olds today is attributed to student loans. Experts even believe a dip in home buying among Millennials in particular is also at the hands of excessive student loan debt.

In other words, student loan debt is one of the biggest stressors keeping Salesforce admins and other professionals up at night. Demonstrating a commitment toward steps to alleviate this burden can go a long way toward helping you stand out to top talent.

Student loan payoff programs are becoming increasingly common among employers. The longer a Salesforce admin stays with your company, the more you contribute toward their loan payoff. It’s a long-term investment in the health, happiness and success of your employees that pays off with their loyalty.

5. Parental leave benefits. Headlines about more extensive parental leave in European countries are frustrating younger Americans who want to build successful careers and start families. In particular, paternal leave benefits are highly desirable to men in today’s workforce. Many employers today provide a few weeks of parental leave for fathers, and up to 12 weeks for mothers (typically, most or all of this is unpaid). Increasingly, workers in all fields (including Salesforce admins) are demanding equal leave for fathers and mothers, including more paid leave.

Some states, (including New York, California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Washington and the District of Columbia), are rolling out their own paid family-leave programs, which can make roles with companies in those areas more desirable. For the other 45 states, you’ll want to step up your benefits in order to attract top Salesforce admins and other talent today.

Find Salesforce admins who are invested in your company.

Go the extra mile to invest in your Salesforce admins and other talent, and you are much more likely to have team members who put a greater investment into your company.

Here at Tech2 Resources, we have a wide network of Salesforce admins and developers who are open to the right professional opportunities. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you find the right Salesforce admins and developers for your team.

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