Save These 2019 Salesforce Events to Your Calendar

As a Salesforce admin or developer, staying on top of the latest advancements and developments for this robust platform is critical to your career success and longevity. And while many tasks and trainings can be completed from your office, there are few better ways to keep your pulse on Salesforce than by attending key events throughout the year. Attending events keeps you on top of the latest changes and advancements and helps you stay part of the integral and close-knit Salesforce community. Salesforce events are tremendous professional opportunities, and they are also a lot of fun!

Add these top Salesforce 2019 events to your phone or laptop calendar now. Search Google for “Salesforce 2019 events” and you’ll get more than 65 million hits. All of those may not be events, but it can be difficult to know what is worth your time. Whether you’re looking for an event nearby or want an opportunity to travel to new places, this guide can help. Here are the core Salesforce events that should be at the top of your list for 2019:

Dreamforce ‘19 Salesforce has its marquee event in San Francisco every year. This fall, Dreamforce will be held November 19 through 22 in various buildings across that fantastic city. Details haven’t been released yet, but expect flashy news, popular bands and celebrities…oh, and plenty of networking and opportunities to be at the cusp of the latest Salesforce advancements. Have you hesitated to attend Dreamforce in the past? Now’s the time to finally make the trip!

London’s Calling This community-led event is a massive destination for Salesforce talent across Europe each year, and is an excellent “excuse” for US-based talent to visit the continent. This one-day event is held March 8, and has an affordable price to offset the travel costs! With sessions for developers, architects and admins, there is literally something for everyone at one of the most exciting 2019 Salesforce events.

Snowforce ‘19Want to pair hitting the slopes with staying on top of the latest Salesforce trends? Snowforce ‘19 is the perfect event — with 20 sessions and 5 tracks, there is something for everyone! Hundreds of Salesforce developers, admins and architects will be heading to Utah from March 20 through 22 to enjoy the beautiful weather and winter sport opportunities and learn from talented speakers at this community-led event.

Higher Ed SummitCo-hosted by and the University of San Diego, Higher Ed Summit is billed as being “where education, innovation and community come together.” More than an education tech conference, Higher Ed Summit offers more than 100 sessions from April 16 through 18, including workshops and live demos. With a keynote speech from NBA Superstar (and current Los Angeles Dodgers Co-Owner) Earvin “Magic” Johnson and a certification training and exam for interested Salesforce admins, there is ample opportunity here for budding and emerging Salesforce pros to have a great time and advance their careers.

YeurDreamin’Really looking to branch out and travel to a new destination while boosting your Salesforce skills? Check out YeurDreamin’, a one-day event in Amsterdam! This affordable, community-led event will be held June 14 and promises ample learning and networking opportunities for attendees.

WITness SuccessThis Women in Tech (WIT) event offers one day of sessions, plus networking opportunities from July 26 to 27 in Nashville, TN. With tracks focusing on Education, Personal Growth and Networking, WITness Success aims to help women in the Salesforce community grow at all levels.

Midwest DreaminAre you in the midwest and looking for an event that’s closer to home? Look no further! This Chicago-based event will be held in the Windy City August 7 through 9. Midwest Dreamin’ is the perfect opportunity to learn Salesforce tips and tricks, check out apps and network with other admins and developers.

Northeast Dreamin’Have you always wanted to check out the beautiful northeast fall foliage? Head to Northeast Dreamin’ in Manchester, New Hampshire in September! Mark September 16 and 17 on your calendar for this new event in the community-led Salesforce lineup.

French Touch DreaminIs there a more beautiful backdrop for professional development than Paris? This one can be hard to top! An independently-organized event featuring speakers from across the world, this affordable, one-day event will be held September 20 in the City of Lights.

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