Setting Realistic Expectations in the Current Salesforce Marketplace

Salesforce recruiters are working harder and faster than ever. Why? The demand for top talent exceeds the supply of qualified professionals in the industry. This is great news for individuals looking for new opportunities to advance their Salesforce career but can pose a problem for companies targeting specific skill levels. The question you’re left with is, ‘How do I set realistic expectations in the current Salesforce marketplace’?

Work with Experts

First things, first, working with a specialized recruiting firm drastically improves your odds of hiring qualified talent in the current marketplace. Some recruiting firms have methods of sourcing from a specific level of the industry’s talent pool in order to deliver top talent to their clients. While this factor alone likely sounds enticing to anyone searching for Salesforce resources, there are many other benefits that accompany partnering with a recruiting firm when looking for your next Salesforce hire.

These benefits (and what you should look for) include:

  • Access to an established pipeline of well-vetted candidates
  • Recruiting experts with a deep understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Transparent communication and an inside look at the industry
  • A partnership that fosters longevity and long-term success
Adjustment is Key

When you’re looking for Salesforce resources to add to your team, it’s important to come prepared. Likely, you have an idea of the role you need to fill, the qualifications and skill set needed to perform the job, and the budget you’d like to stay within. The reality, however, is that expectations aren’t guaranteed in a competitive marketplace. Not to say that we aren’t delivering the highest quality Salesforce professionals available, but rather if you aren’t willing to adapt to meet the demands of the market, you’ll likely miss out on otherwise great candidates.

A common situation we see in the industry happens when a client is set on offering a specific salary he/she/they thinks is appropriate for the skill set they’re targeting. In addition, salary is often influenced by geographic location. A company wanting an on-site Salesforce Developer in New York City should expect to pay more than a similar company in Memphis, Tennessee for the same/similar resources. To reiterate what we’d mentioned before, coming prepared with a budget in mind is great, but if you’re unwilling to adjust salary expectations to meet industry standards you’ll likely miss out on adequate talent.

Work Quickly

Slow and steady wins the race…sometimes. The Salesforce staffing industry is dictated by time and the ability to work quickly. While it’s normal to assume that more time searching equals more qualified talent, it’s simply not the case in this marketplace. Tech2 Founder, Phil Gugliotta stated in a recent podcast with Anablock Podcast, “Every day when I talk to clients, I tell them ‘If you like a candidate especially in this marketplace, you really need to move quickly’.” In the podcast, Phil goes on to explain that he’s worked with clients that aren’t keeping up with the pace of the market, in which case by the second interview, the candidate they like may have already received multiple offers from other companies. To summarize, expecting a 2-month long search in order to find the “perfect fit” isn’t conducive to meet the demands of the current Salesforce staffing industry.

Smarter, not Harder

Remember earlier when you read that Salesforce recruiters are working harder than ever? Yes, that’s still true, but that doesn’t mean you should be. Working with a specialized recruiting firm like Tech2 Resources makes hiring the right talent for your needs seamless. Our expert recruiting team goes to work for you immediately so that you can access your short-list sooner and make a hiring decision with ease. There’s no catch, however, coming prepared with realistic expectations of the current Salesforce marketplace is key. In addition, understanding the marketplace and being willing to adjust wherever necessary will improve your odds of making the right hire, tenfold.

If you’re currently looking for Salesforce professionals to add to your team, get in touch with us today. Our aim is to be transparent with you throughout the search process and until you make your hiring decision so that your expectations are consistently met and align with the competitive Salesforce marketplace.

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