Why It Makes Sense to Work With a Specialized Salesforce Recruiting Firm

With unemployment in tech hovering between 2 and 3% depending on where you live, competition has never been higher for top talent. When you focus on a highly targeted niche like Salesforce developers and admins, competition is absolutely fierce. Organizations recognize the market, and are offering more competitive packages than ever, leaving most professionals with a range of seemingly indiscernible offers.

Working with a specialized Salesforce recruiting firm gives you a competitive edge

Candidates who post resumes online are bombarded by recruiters within minutes. Most candidates aren’t posting resumes, making it even more difficult for companies to find and attract Salesforce professionals. Partnering with a specialized Salesforce recruiting firm (like Tech2) can be the missing link in your struggle to land top Salesforce admins and developers. Here’s why:

    • Real-world, specific expertise. Technology today is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace. New technologies and specialties seem to pop up every day, so it can seem impossible to know and understand every skill set when recruiting. Here at Tech2, we specialize in Salesforce professionals. We focus our efforts on Salesforce and understand the technology inside and out.
      • In-depth understanding of how talent fits into your business. Along with the technical understanding necessary to find for Salesforce recruiting, we understand just how that talent fits into your business. Understanding the “big picture” allows us to provide insight and assistance to ensure you’re filling the right roles with the right people.
        • Highly targeted Salesforce candidates. Need someone who has extensive experience in Salesforce1? Still using Salesforce Classic? A specialized staffing firm like Tech2 understands the different technologies and skill sets needed to thrive in a variety of Salesforce roles. We won’t waste your time with generalized candidates or those who are a poor fit. Work with a firm like Tech2 and know that when you receive a resume from us, that candidate is a great fit.
          • Faster results. Specialization goes beyond skills. A specialized staffing firm like Tech2 has refined its recruiting and interview processes to deliver precisely the right talent, more quickly.
            • Unique access to talent. At Tech2, we have an extensive network of Salesforce developers and admins across the US. Remember that low unemployment rate we mentioned above? Most top Salesforce professionals are employed. They’re not sifting through job postings. Because we specialize in Salesforce recruiting, we’ve built strong relationships with top Salesforce developers and admins across the US. Even when they’re not looking for a job, they’re taking our call because they trust that we’ll only contact them when we have an opportunity that meets their needs.

Today’s employers need a staffing partner they can trust when critical Salesforce staffing needs arise. A specialized firm like Tech2 can transform your recruiting and retention efforts. Need specialized Salesforce developers or admins? Give us a call or contact us through our site to talk.

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