Why Remote Salesforce Jobs Make Sense for Your Career

With Salesforce admins and developers in demand, it’s a great time to consider job offers that can help you earn more money and reach your career goals. Did you know that many top employers across the country are now offering remote Salesforce jobs? Today’s employers want top talent, wherever they are located. With those opportunities come some great benefits.

If you are new to remote work or haven’t considered remote Salesforce jobs before, here are seven (7) of the biggest benefits:

1. Explore opportunities with amazing companies. Opportunities may be limited to certain companies depending on your location. If you’re in a small city or rural area, you may not have many career opportunities with companies that get you excited. When you consider remote Salesforce jobs, though, you can have the opportunity to work with truly elite companies. From startups to nonprofits and everything in between, remote work opens up many doors, wherever you’re located.

2. Work in your pajamas. Okay, this one is a bit of a remote worker stereotype, but we’re only half joking. The reality is that, while you may be needed on a videoconferencing call from time to time, you are largely on your own. That means you can pretty much wear whatever you want to work! Not having to put together an outfit, iron, etcetera can save you some time in the morning (and let you sleep in a bit).

3. Save money.There are quite a few ways remote work can save you money. As we mentioned above, remote work means a significantly smaller work wardrobe, which can be pretty costly. Plus the cost of a car, gasoline, parking, or public transport pass can all be saved by working from home. In some cases, employers will even pony up for parking, coworking spaces, furniture and tech for your home office, and more costs to entice remote workers.

4. Avoid office politics.When you work remotely, you’re so busy focusing on mission-critical tasks, and are so far physically removed from your coworkers, that it is nearly impossible to be sucked into office politics and drama. And it’s a safe bet that NONE of us enjoy office politics!

5. Work in different locations. This is a different way of saying that your office (and hours) can often be very flexible. Remote Salesforce jobs can give you the flexibility to travel and work from coffee shops or coworking spaces around the globe! If you’ve been itching to travel more, but haven’t had enough vacation time to make it happen, consider traveling with your laptop to get the best of both worlds.

6. More effective meetings. When members of your team have to make their way down to the conference room for a meeting, it can be easy to get distracted along the way, grab a cup of coffee or a snack, and succumb to other habits that drag meetings way past their intended timeframe. Remote workers attend meetings on the phone or through Zoom/GotoMeeting or another digital conferencing tool. When team members are dispersed around different locations, meetings tend to run more closely to an agenda. Less time is wasted, and more tangible benefits and action items tend to emerge from those meetings.

7. Better work/life balance.For many of us, our ability to relax and pursue hobbies, plus devote time to our personal responsibilities, is key to our success and happiness at work. Salesforce professionals who work remotely often report a significant, positive impact on their work/life balance. Without long commutes, seemingly endless meetings, and many of the other distractions and time wasters of a traditional 9 to 5, you’re able to focus on other important facets of your life.

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